Flora de Kratora

Flora de Kratora
A Journey Through the Aromas of Kratora Natural Bontanicals!

Since 2013, Kratora has been providing customers from around the world with naturally-sourced, high-quality botanical products. From the moment of harvest in the rainforests of Southeast Asia to packaging and order dispatch at their US office, they’re proud to offer an online shopping experience that embodies their standards of excellence every step of the way.

Recently, the fine folks at Kratora were kind of enough to allow the KVR Staff to sample several of their Kratom and Natural Botanicals aromas – all with the caveat of being completely candid and transparent in our experiences. Over the next several weeks, we invite you to stay tuned as we go through this process.

Initial Observations: Upon arrival to the KVR Team, we were first and foremost impressed with the quality packaging which looked very professional and retail-store worthy. As each tea was transferred to their air-tight containers, it was apparent that each tea was extremely fresh. The powder was silky to the touch and very fine, with no clumps or “rocks” of powder inside. For those who value a fresh product, Kratora seems to hit a home run in that pursuit.

Kratora White Borneo: Cloud Walking

From Kratora: White Borneo powder has become a popular strain for kratom connoisseurs thanks to its distinctive energizing aroma. White Vein Borneo comes from leaves in the middle of kratom’s maturity cycle when the delicate balance between indole alkaloids is crucial for quality.

From KVR: One of our staff members considers themselves a bit of a “White Borneo Snob”, so they were very intrigued and excited to sample this aroma from Kratora. As mentioned before, their first impressions were that the powder was luxuriously smooth and soft which always speaks of a fresh batch. White Borneo seems to have a unique spot in the White Strain family in that it’s known for having more uplifting and mood-boosting properties. Our resident Snob was blown away by the impressive results of this aroma. Having previously only considered a popular double-letter brand as the true representation of the strain, they found Kratora’s White Borneo to even exceed that one. Walking on clouds. That was how they summed up the experience. The onset was quick and potent with long-lasting results. If you’ve never tried White Borneo or have been looking for a challenger to your favorite vendor, we don’t think you’ll go wrong in sampling White Borneo from Kratora.

Kratora Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da UEMD: Heavyweight Champ

From Kratora: Just like our legendary UEI we are now proud to introduce a new enhanced kratom powder made from our premium Maeng Da Kratom leaf, which is micro powdered and then enhanced with ultra-pure 7OHM and Mitragyne alkaloids. For every 25g of powder leaf we add 1500mg of these pure kratom alkaloids. Most vendors are only putting out Ultra Enhanced varieties with 1250mg of alkaloids. That makes our blend a full 20% more than what others are putting on the market!

From KVR: Gold This. Enhanced That. Premium Blend. There are a lot of these common buzzwords – and the markedly higer costs that go with them – in the Kratom industry. Rarely though have we seen one where the hype – and cost – match up perfectly. Here’s your unicorn folks. Being seasoned Kratom connoisseurs, we’ve had the opportunity to experience numerous enhanced and premium aromas. With possible apologies to OPMS Gold, this was THE best enhanced aroma we’ve ever sampled. Yes. It costs more. Yes. You get much less for your hard earned bills. Yes. You need to carefully consider your first aroma amount. But, oh wow…(quoting that famous line from “When Harry Met Sally”)…Yes…Yes!…YES!. Whatever your motivation for considering a Maeng Da strain, this one should set new standards for your expectations. So much so for us in fact, that we’ve added to our KVR Hall of Fame. See for yourself what you think by sampling Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da from Kratora.

Kratora Blue Lotus Powder: Wine and Song

From Kratora: Blue lotus (nymphaea caerulea) is not a true lotus flower; it’s actually a beautiful water lily that has been favored for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Known by several names, including blue Egyptian lotus, Egyptian water lily and blue water lily, the blue lotus is a discomfort reliever, aphrodisiac and it even has some psychoactive properties.

From KVR: They had us at aphrodisiac! After all, as of this posting, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to sample this. One of our Wine Goddesses who considers herself versed in everything there is to know about had heard tale of how Blue Lotus Power can be mixed with wine to add vivid colors, enhanced mood and the aforementioned love interest spikes, so she was all over this one. Slightly deviating from the online recipe she found (but not so much as to ruin it), she let it soak in one of our favorite whites for 7 days before sampling it on a recent Friday night. The taste. Well folks, she couldn’t profess it as being even close to the best thing she’d ever tasted, but this was adventure time, so she made her way through it. She likened it to being slightly similar to a strong Kava drink in that it had a “woodsy” taste. If that’s not your thing at all, you might not be able to push through it. But if you can, we think you’ll like the end results. An hour after drinking the mix, she felt like it was “Wine Fine”. That’s her term for it, not ours. When pressed for a meaning, she said it was like the wine had expanded on her desire to sing, dance and be overtly social versus a regular rendezvous with said vino. Smiling…(dare say we almost giggling?), she announced this to be quite fine the combination. Who can argue with a Wine Goddess? We certainly can’t. Thumbs up for this one. See for yourself what you think by sampling Blue Lotus Powder from Kratora.

Kratora Premium Commercial Bali Kratom Powder: Standard Equipment

From Kratora: Bali kratom is a ubiquitous strain that every manufacturer offers, but our Bali kratom Powder gives you an all-natural option that delivers a higher-quality aromatic experience. By eliminating the risk of chemical or biological contaminants from our growing process through processing and shipping, we’ve ensured you receive potent kratom powder of the highest quality.

From KVR: Bali, Bali, Bali. Ask just about any Kratom user – with the possible exception of energy purists – and they’ll tell that this is the strain they began their Kratom journey on. Because of that popularity, it’s understandable that virtually every Kratom vendor carries Bali (Red Bali) powder. And with that large assortment of quality vendors comes the challenge of comparing one Bali strain against all the others. We’ve sampled many Bali aromas; some good, some just okay, and a few that were really good. However, the last few we’ve sampled were pretty much a carbon copy of the one before – and the one after them. That’s not to say that they were bad; they were just…we guess..as we expected them to be. They were effective. They were evident. They all had a decent shelf life. With all that said, we return back to the offering from Kratora. This is good Bali. No, make that very good Bali. This was the first Bali aroma we’ve sampled in quite some time where we actually stopped ourselves at some point in the day and thought, “Hey, I feel really good.” No pain. No stress. No joint stiffness. Nice! At $12.99 a gram, we wish it were a little closer to other vendors’ prices, but it’s also true that you get what you pay for. If you want to get one of the best, sometimes you have to step up and pay for it. Puma shoes are pretty good. New Balance shoes are awesome. Get the idea? If you’re looking for good Bali Kratom, there are several reputable vendors out there. If you’re looking for great Bali Kratom, here it is. See for yourself what you think by sampling Premium Bali Kratom Powder from Kratora.