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About Kraken:
The most recognized brand in online kratom, Kraken Kratom is a family-owned and operated herbal products company based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to provide consistent, high-quality natural products that conform to rigorous standards, specializing in the procurement and sale of botanicals such as kratom, kava, and CBD. Since 2014, we have been a leader in the kratom industry, with a steadfast commitment to advocacy, compliance, and consumer safety.

Kraken is synonymous with quality. It all starts with longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers, developed by our team over more than 15 years of sourcing this plant leaf. Building on that foundation, we have created and implemented the highest standards in the kratom industry. All products undergo comprehensive laboratory testing and quality assurance analysis, and nothing short of the very best is offered for sale to our valued customers.

We’re proud to be the first company acknowledged as an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Kratom Vendor, demonstrating our dedication to our customers and their safety. A leading voice in kratom advocacy, we actively contribute to efforts to both protect kratom consumers and to legitimize this important product and our emerging industry. In addition to providing the highest quality botanicals on the market, Kraken prioritizes customer service, consumer education, and community engagement.

Kraken Kratom Silver Series Capsules: Each capsule contains 600mg of 10% Mitragynine, 0.2mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine.
I’m sort of a novice when it comes to Kratom so my experiences haven’t been as extensive as others on the KVR Team. I’ll say this first; as a “Snob Shopper”, packaging and  presentation mean a lot to me and this product comes in a very nice, presentable and professional looking package. It gave me immediate confidence that I’m getting product from a professional and legit company. Shipping was also lightning fast. And for the actual product? Wow! Never gave Kratom much of a thought outside of random experiences but this is something I would choose on a regular basis. I get why it cost more than some  of the other Red, Green and White strains. Totally worth it to me though. Kraken Kratom is now #1 on my list. I wouldn’t think of it every day, but when I absolutely needed it, it would be my first choice. – KVR Kate (9/17/20)

Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract: Each 15 ml, three-serving bottle contains 106 mg of mitragynine, or 35.33 mg of mitragynine per serving.
I’ve been a fan of liquid Kratom Extract for several years now. The powder doesn’t agree with me and the capsules are not convenient for me. I discovered Liquid Kratom Extract was the perfect match for me and have pretty much tired them all; including what is arguably the most well know – OPMS Gold. With all that said, I REALLY liked this one. Not stinky; not overwhelming and not difficult to understand sizing. The results were smooth, satisfying and quick as well. I’ll also echo KVR Kate’s sentiments that the packaging is top notch. You never get the feeling that you’re buying something that was thrown together. If you’ve never experienced Liquid Kratom Extract, I’d highly recommend this one. At just $29.95, it’s an inexpensive way to discover if it might be right for you as well.- Captian K (9/23/20)

Kraken Kratom Gold Kratom Capsules: New & improved 11% formula! Carefully produced in small batches, our Gold Reserve Capsules are always in limited supply and, due to Kraken’s strict quality standards, not always available. This product is formulated with a 52% pure mitragynine extract, then combined with top quality White Sundanese kratom to create an extract/powder blend approximately 11% in total mitragynine.
With a name like “Gold Reserve Capsules”, it’s obvious that it’s going to be compared to OPMS Gold. If I rated OPMS Gold a 10, I’d rate these a 9.5, *but* when you factor in that they’re almost half the price ($20.99 for five capsules but 20% off that if you use Coupon Code: KRATOM20TODAY), it jumps the moon. Not to be overly repetitive, but yes, I’ll agree as well that the packaging is excellent. These are fantastic capsules too. Very, very happy with the experience for those times when 1 will do when 5 lesser ones might not. If you want to save some bucks but don’t want compromise in the process, I’d highly recommend these. – BigTex (9/26/20)