Kratom As a Pre-Workout Supplement

I’ve been a “Gym Rat” – well part-time anyways – since my late 20’s and it’s something I take very seriously. I think that there’s a direct correlation between having a healthy body and having a healthy mind and spirit. When I first started going, I went in to my workouts with youthful motivation, which seemed to be plenty of energy to make it through a good 1-hour to 2-hour workout.

As I got into my mid 30’s though, I started realizing that my natural energy was starting to wane, so I started looking around for help. Fellow gym members quickly and enthusiastically pointed me towards pre-workout supplements that could be found at my local Vitamin Shop or Health Food Store. In fact, they were so enthusiastic, that an argument broke out over which one was better. With bravado-driven names that included “Pump”, “Jekyll and Hyde”, “Monster”, “Power”, “Ripped” “Explode” and “Octane”, as well as bright and bold packaging that jumped off the shelf to try and grab your attention, there were plenty of them to choose from.

At the time, I barely paid any notice to the ingredients because I was just looking for energy and motivation, and “Wow!”, did these products deliver….at first. Over time though, my tolerance for these products began to build, so I had to take a little more and a little more to get results. I also noticed that my heart raced, my hands trembled and my whole body felt “jittery” when I consumed these supplements. With no real knowledge to base these feelings on, I just assumed they were “natural”. Hardly.

Purely by happenstance, I looked at the back of one of these supplements one day and was shocked to find just how much caffeine and taurine (which acts similarly to caffeine in many people) were included. I began to understand why my body was feeling the way it did. With that much caffeine and taurine added to my daily intake of coffee and/or energy drinks, I was a walking buzzsaw!

Little by little, my body became more and more used to these products. None of them seemed to work as well anymore, and worse they gave me headaches and continued to make me feel “jittery” and nervous when I consumed them. Switching brands didn’t help, because with some minor ingredient differences here and there, they were pretty much the same.

As I hit my 40’s, I realized that these products might no be the best choices for my blood pressure and heart rate. But, if stopped taking them, where would I get the motivation and energy to have good workouts? I was at a crossroads…..

And then it happened.

I was searching the Web one day looking for alternatives to the most common types of pre-workout supplements, and there was a Reddit post on Kratom. Kratom? What’s that? The post had several replies that also spoke highly of Kratom as an effective pre-workout supplement. Hmmmm….this looks interesting I thought.

So, over the next few days, I consumed everything I could find on what Kratom was, where it came from, what it did, and what else it contained. As it turned out, it contained nothing. Nothing but the plant itself. I also found that there were different strains (sometimes referred to as “veins”) of Kratom that had different purported effects.

Mainly falling into Green, Red and White strains, Kratom seemed to fall into 3 categories: Relaxation, Motivation, and Energy. After carefully reading the posts about how much of an aroma to experience on the first try, I settled on 2 g of White Maeng Da. Wow! This stuff just amazed me. I felt strong. I felt motivated. I felt focused. I felt confident. I felt energetic. But it wasn’t a feeling of being all “jacked up”, it was a potent underlying feeling. My heart wasn’t racing like the Indy 500. I wasn’t feeling “jittery”. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t stand still or carry on a coherent conversation. I just felt …….hmmmm… to describe it. “Clint Eastwood”? You know, that cool, calm, confident and collected feeling Clint always seems to give off an aura of in his movies. That’s how I felt. I felt like I could take on the world, but not look and feel crazy doing it.

Thinking that maybe it was just a first-time experience, I began to experience White MD aroma on a 2x weekly basis. And it still worked. But I knew that nothing lasts forever. I did more research and found more strains and veins and mixed blends that I could alternate between to ward off tolerance or having to intake more aromas.

It’s now been 3 years and I still think Kratom is a MUCH safer pre-workout supplement than any of the stuff I took in the past. I’ve seen all the negative reports on Kratom and how it’s addictive, etc. and I just don’t buy it. Anything can become addictive if that’s the personality trait you have. Hell, there are people out there hooked on chocolate and McDonald’s French Fries. Think those are better for you than an all-natural plant? I dont.

Kratom is – in my opinion – a fantastic pre-workout booster and better for your body.

Over the years, I’ve found my favorites that I think work best and I alternate between all of them. On a side note, if you are having some joint or muscle discomfort on a particular day, I recommend mixing 1/3 of Red Maeng Da Capsules or Powder and/or Red Dragon Capsules or Powder to help with this. Your experiences may be different, but here are my personal favorites.

1) Kats Botanicals White JongKong Kratom Powder
2) Kratora White Maeng Da Kratom Powder
3) Kats Botanicals Super Green Kratom Powder Kratom Powder
4) PA Botanicals Green Machine Kratom Powder (Great as well when mixed 2/3 to 1/3 of their White Maeng Da)
5) Kratora White Sumatra Kratom Powder
6) PA Botanicals Champagne Blend Kratom Powder
7) OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
8) Kratora Horned White Vein Kratom Powder
9) Evergreen Tree Green Malay Kratom Powder or Capsules
10) Kratora Green Malay Kratom Powder

Peace Out and Shred It!

~ Gizmo