Kratom Use for Opiate Withdrawal

Lately, Kratom for opiate withdrawal has been emerging in recognition. Most people are claiming that it really works in addiction recovery. When we talk about efficient treatment, the goal is to relieve opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms without making you feel sick, sleepy or tired.

Kratom is becoming more sought-after; however, there’s lots of controversy surrounding the use of this drug for opiate withdrawal. That’s because Kratom doesn’t have a documented, legal, medical purpose. Still, this has not prevented opiate users from using the plant as an addiction recovery aid.  Many users stating that nothing else compares to it’s benefits for opiate withdrawal.

What is Kratom, Really?

kratom plant use for opiate withdrawal

Mitragyna Speciosa Korth (kratom) a drug from plant with many medical benefits

Kratom is a natural plant, which grows in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its painkilling powers and perceived capability to cure opiate addiction has been obvious for years, consistent with Darsha Singh Mahinder, a professor at the University of Science Malaysia.

Kratom, as an opioid treatment tool, does provide momentary relief from withdrawal sickness by aiming at the natural opioid receptors in the brain. Nonetheless, using too much Kratom for symptoms of opiate withdrawal has the potential to encourage an opioid-like high. That ironic result might lead to the need for a Kratom detox.

Does Kratom Work for Opiate Withdrawal?

A lot of folks in recovery assert that Kratom saves lives by getting them off drugs without opting to rehab. In fact, they claim that only utilizing Kratom is sufficient to handle opiate withdrawal symptoms effectively.

It is vital to take note that most of those claims come from online forums. Therefore, this proof is certainly anecdotal, as Kratom is mostly not regulated in the United States. What’s more, there has not been many studies into the subject of Kratom for opiate withdrawal.

There are also various mentions in different articles of the potential for Kratom to be utilized as an analgesic. Nonetheless, there aren’t any published clinical trials evaluating the use of Kratom for such purposes.

Until these researches are performed, it’s approval by the government and its medicinal benefit is documented formally, it can’t be considered as a valid method to treatment. You will also notice a formal process, which should be followed before any substance could be considered as approved and safe for medicinal purpose. Depending on anecdotal complaints and reports to the DEA and FDA isn’t part of the formal procedure of authorization for any medication.

Given the present state of the research and comprehension of the medication, it’s clear that particular interest groups, like corporations trying to market Kratom, are making assertions about the possible medicinal use of the drug, which are not substantiated clinically by proper research studies.

Bottom Line

It’s clear there is a need for futher Kratom research.  It’s possible of producing substantial problems connected with physical dependence and overdose, but it might also have some medicinal effects.

Kratom could possibly be utilized at some point in the future to cure opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, there’s a necessity for randomized controlled clinical trials to ascertain formally if the medication has usefulness as an opiate withdrawal management medication.

KVR has an overwhelming majority of users give their kratom reviews to the benefits of use for opiate withdrawal.  However, with the lack of research, use at your own risk.