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As more and more quality CBD, Kanna, Kava, Kratom & Nootropics vendors come to the marketplace, KVR will announce new vendors, their Web Site and contact information here. Stay tuned for the latest vendor additions! Want to see your products here? Contact us and let us know!


Leaf of Life Botanicals is committed to bring you the best possible products that are not only highly effective, but also safe and tested. There are many companies that claim the same thing except when pressed on these issues has to succumb to excuses and unsatisfactory explanations. We have literally thrown out tons of Kratom over the years that were not considered (by our quality testing and standards) to fit our strict satisfactions promise and guarantees, as our Kratom reviews prove to achieve the best Kratom effects.

Our meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to product safety, are why Leaf of Life Botanicals has so many happy, loyal customers. For the simple fact is that we really do care. You shouldn’t have to worry about supplements you take to improve your health. Proper 3rd party lab testing is necessary in order to prevent negative results for customers and to give this industry a legitimate ground rule. Right now we have to self-police in order to avoid Kratom from becoming illegal because of the negligence of certain vendors who are into this solely for the money and not compassion for customers and love for Kratom and other natural supplements.

Organa Kratom was built around a few simple, yet strikingly rare, principles regarding the quality of the products we offer and the service we provide our customers. We take pride in our service and value every customer relationship. With satisfied customers throughout the U.S., you can be assured of a safe and satisfying shopping experience with the highest quality kratom powders.

At Organa Kratom we know your health, safety, and money are paramount, which are the foundational reasons we have our kratom powders lab-tested prior to sale. It is our job to ensure we only provide premium kratom powders that are proven to be pure and clean to ensure your money is well spent.

Kratom’s popularity has inevitably led to attempts by certain companies to stretch out their supply, or make it “more potent”; this might be done by adding ground herbs or teas to their kratom capsules, or other substances easy to disguise as “kratom powder”. This ploy results in a low-quality product not worth the money you paid, but it has a more sinister potential result as well; mixing anything with a therapeutic product can cause dangerous side effects. On its own, kratom is quite innocuous and has many beneficial properties. But when anything used therapeutically is mixed with another product, the potential for unknown and unexpected side effects grows exponentially. You won’t find anything like that at Organa Kratom! Our motto is more than a tag line, it’s what we believe in and stand by.

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Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply is Rooted in Los Angeles, CA and was sprouted in 2016. Grown with our problem free philosophy, we believe in transparent customer service and giving back more than we take. Quality and sustainability is the water which makes us grown and the customer are the sunshine which makes us blossom.

We have dedicated a portion of revenue from our Hakuna Hemp Roast to benefiting homeless verterans in southern California as well as portion of revenue from Hobarts Haze to benefit the World Wildlife Foundation. Hakuna Supply boasts a unique line of CBD Products that include CBD Coffee, CBD Drink Drops and CBD Hemp Stix.

Nanocraft CBD

Why Nanocraft: Health starts from within – that is the driving force behind NanocraftCBD and all of our products. This is why we take the science behind our products so seriously. Our first priority when developing a new formula is to look at the research that exists on how nutrients affect our bodies and how the ingredients we use can impact the wealth health issues we aim to address. Save an EXTRA! 20% with Coupon Code: KVRDEALS at Checkout!

Wow! When Nanocraft sent the KVR Staff a small sampling of their products, we were completely blown away by the upscale and professional packaging of their products. Both the THC Free CBD Oil Gold Series Cool Mint 1000mg and the THC Free CBD Pure Oil Ginger Citrus 750mg arrived in boxes that looked like they came out of a Rolex Watch Package Making plant. If you want a premium product with a premium package to go along with it – without paying a premium price for it – Nanocraft is going to be your vendor of choice. A great feature as well is the QR Code on each box that allows you to scan it for 3rd Party Tested Lab Results. That’s transparency. How effective were they? Stay tuned to this page for upcoming observations.

THC Free CBD Oil Gold Series Cool Mint 1000mg
Wow. Having tried several of the 1000mg strength CBD Oils, this one really stood out. Besides the impressive high end looking package it came in, is the fact that instead of having to guess a dosage size, the dropper inside the tincture is clearly marked with levels which makes it super, super simple. And then the bliss that came within just a few minutes. All of my back pain was gone. All of my stress seemed to just melt away in a few moments. I actually felt positive whereas moments before I was having my usual end of the day stress recap. Thank you Nanocraft for a wonderful product in all parts of what a good product can be about. – KVRKate

THC Free CBD Pure Oil Ginger Citrus 750mg
This CBD oil is my new favorite! I’ve been taking it every night for the last few weeks and I’m getting such peaceful sleep. I usually have a hard time staying asleep all night, but now that I’m taking Nanocraft’s 75mg CDB oil I’m sleeping through the night. And the ginger flavor is a bonus! – KVRKate

Savage CBD

About: Here at Savage CBD we strive to help people by offering what we believe to be top quality, lab tested, natural alternatives at affordable pricing. Whether you’re new to CBD or have been using it for years, you can count on all-natural, hemp derived CBD with the purest ingredients. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity. Overall, our goal is to create the products that empower you to maintain your balanced lifestyle. Save an EXTRA! 15% + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: KVRCBD at Checkout!

Featured Products!

Savage CBD 125mg Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder
Savage CBD’s premium drink mix. Using Nano-Spectrum CBD we created delicious flavors for you to enjoy your CBD intake. Simply add one scoop to water to enjoy our Nano-Spectrum CBD. Each container is 12 oz and contains a total of 24 drinks in 8-12 oz of water. Each scoop is 6.25mg of CBD. Save an EXTRA! 15% + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: KVRCBD at Checkout!

Savage CBD 150mg Full Spectrum CBD Balm
Full Spectrum Balm by Savage CBD Savage CBD Essentials presents our premiere Balm. Our Balm has beautiful soft notes of Coconut with undertones of Lavender that relax and rejuvenate. This balm is formulated to calm stressed and sensitive skin. Our calming CBD blend is made for sensitive skin and should help with skin conditions. This balm can be used daily or as needed. Save an EXTRA! 15% + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: KVRCBD at Checkout!

Savage CBD 25mg Revive CBD Wellness Shot
Revive CBD Wellness Shot 25mg Nano Spectrum CBD (25M NanoGrams). A morning recovery shot infused with Nano Spectrum CBD, Vitamins B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Ginseng, Caffeine & Electrolytes. For those long nights and early mornings – or just something to keep you going! Save an EXTRA! 15% + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: KVRCBD at Checkout!

Savage CBD 1000mg Peach Pear Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
Peach & Pear CBD Tincture tastes like a delicious mix of peaches and pears! Enjoy this blast of Peach & Pear flavor sublingually, in your drink, or in anything else. It’s the perfect additive. Save an EXTRA! 15% + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: KVRCBD at Checkout!



43 CBD

About: 43 CBD’s purpose is to stay true to ourselves and to nature as we craft artisan hemp CBD products designed to help people and their pets heal and feel good naturally. Our farms are nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains on the Western Slope of Colorado. Clear mountain spring water and high altitude air create the perfect environment for growing our artisan hemp. Hemp is like wine— special earthly conditions matter. Everything we do —from carefully hand-selecting our seeds, using all natural farm practices (we never use harmful chemicals) to crafting our own full spectrum hemp oil and testing every batch for quality— is intentional and results in the greatest healing potency. We believe that Cannabidiol (cbd) that is extracted from locally grown natural hemp far exceeds the quality that has become the industry standard. Getting back to local farms that naturally grow our foods and medicines is getting back to our roots. Supporting Western Slope Colorado farmers is important to us. We could save by going with front-range, out of state, or even international growers, but that’s not who we are. We care about the land where we live and want to pass economic prosperity onto our local and neighboring communities.

High Sierra Herbals

About: High Sierra Herbals is your one stop shop for high quality kratom capsules and kratom powders. We are dedicated to providing only top quality products and services. If you are dissatisfied for any reason send us an email and we will make it right. We proudly stand behind our wide variety of products which get delivered to you with fast shipping and free shipping on orders over $20. Here at High Sierra Herbals we believe that customer service and customer relationships are what make a company great. We will answer any questions you have and you will never talk to a machine or get an automated response. We believe in a quality product and consistency in every order. We make sure that every new shipment we receive is of the same quality as our last. Our kratom has been tested at Wonderland Labs in California and came up with absolutely no adulterates, bringing you 100% pure natural kratom.

Products: High Sierra Herbals not only carries the most popular Kratom Strains and Colors, including Red Maeng Da, Red Dragon, Red Thai, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Borneo, White Sumatra, White Maeng Da, and White Thai, they also carry their own signature blends that include Sierra Relax All Day, Sierra Sunset Blend and Sierra Sunrise Blend.

Gold Standard CBD

About: At Gold Standard CBD, we stand behind our products because we know our products are Pure Gold.

Gold Standard CBD also provides a comprehensive overview and numerous FAQs of CBD, including, “What is CBD?” – CBD is one of many cannabinoids that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system affects the body in a variety of therapeutic ways and is responsible for regulating mood, pain, inflammation, the immune system, stress response, as well as a variety of other key functions. “Is CBD Legal?” – Yes! CBD products extracted from industrial hemp are legal to both sell and purchase throughout the United States. All Gold Standard products fall below the 0.3% THC threshold for hemp products under the 2014 Farm Bill.

Gold Standard CBD carries several 100% Natural, Vegan and Non-GMO Vape, Smokable & Edible CBD products, including 500mg CBD Hemp Flowers 3.5g, 750mg Hemp Stix Original, 750mg Hemp Stix Mint, 250mg CBD Vape Cartridges in Chocolate, Mint or Natural, 500mg CBD Vape Cartridges in Chocolate, Mint or Natural, and 250mg CBD Vape Kits in Mint or Natural.


Evergreen Tree

Buy kratom online from kratom enthusiasts! After ordering and using from other vendors, we thought there is so much to improve in this industry. From consistency of the product, the packaging, shipping and payment… all can be improved. So we started our own business. We have found the original farmers and the company representing them, and build a close relationship with them. By importing directly from Indonesia, we have ensured the products are original, natural, high and premium. Then we test every batch of our products when they get into US, with 3rd party lab, to ensure the safety and quality of the products and the minimum level of alkaloid of 1.7%.

We are based out in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our staff are friendly and eager to help, they are professionals in this business, and they know your needs and willing to fulfill. We offer the best packaging in the country for the products, because we value our products. And at the same time we offer the most competitive and affordable pricing for the products. For all products, We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no question asked. We want you to know that you have nothing to lose to buy from us, and only get the best products and best price.

Evergreen Tree carries a large assortment of Kratom Powders and Kratom Capsules – including the staple strains such as Red Bali Capsules, Red Bali Powder, Green Malay Capsules, Green Malay Powder, Red Maeng Da Capsules & Red Maeng Da Powder; they also carry harder to find strains like Elephant Capsules and Elephant Powder.

Evergreen Tree Kratom is also a great value, with 100 Capsules or 500g of Powder for only $29.95! And to top that, if you are a first-time purchaser, you can use Coupon Code: firsttime20 at Checkout to save an EXTRA! 20%. Start Shopping Now!

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