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See the latest additions of Strains, Mixes, Extracts and Cuts of Kratom, Blue Lotus, CBD, Kanna and Kava. Want to see your company's new product or your favorite, contact us and let us know.

NEW! From Laughing Lion Herbs: Infinity Colorado Sunrise Kratom Blend Powder

Colorado Sunrise is our newest blend of Gold and Red strains resulting in an amazing blend that is ideal for the daytime! Check out this beautifully balanced blend!

NEW! From Happy Hippo Herbals: Lumberjack Manbog Filipino Green/Red Fusion (Lumberjack Hippo)

This is a unique leaf from the Philippine islands, which should provide the 'newbie' hug if it hits the spot. The Filipino Green is balanced, the Filipino Red is Happy and sharp. On Sale for as low as $9 as a NEW Arrival for a Limited Time!

NEW! From PA Botanicals: Enhanced Yippee Hipee

Our Yippee Hippie is an even, mellow, blend starting with our Emerald green powder. We add one of our red strains and our Yellow Borneo. Enhanced powder has 10% of extract blended into powder

NEW! From Krabot: Green Sudanese

Green Sundanese is a green veined strain from old-growth trees (OG). This isn't your typical jungle perimeter or plantation grown leaf. These trees are deep in the jungle unbeknownst to most. Prized for its high alkaloid content, get it while you can!

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