Adrafinil is a stimulant that works in the central nervous system. It was discovered in the 70s by Group Lafon, which is a French pharmaceutical company. The drug was first researched using the name CRL-40028 and was sold as Olmifon. Then recently that name was changed when production was discontinued by manufacturer called Cephalon. It was first prescribed in Europe for patients suffering from sleep disorders like narcolepsy.

The adrafinil may act as a general stimulant for it is known to give more energy, attention and stamina. This fits the treatment of individuals with serious sleep problems like sleep apnea and narcolepsy. The drug has become more and more famous for those who work at night, students studying for very important exams and truck drivers, doctors and nurses. The supplement is known to increase overall motivation, drive and productivity. It is generally useful for some people, promoting a sense of well-being and reduction of stress and enhanced pleasure and excitement. This all occurs due to stimulation of dopamine receptors, which come with Adrafinil usage.

The cognitive benefits here include improved learning capacity and enhanced memory. Many people have recommended that this drug brings in faster speed of remembering things and thoughts.

Source: Nootropics City

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