Green Horn Kratom Powder
Referring to the distinctively pointed tips of its leaves, Green Horn kratom may offer a relatively balanced effects profile, existing as a middle ground between a red and white strain.

Primarily, the strain seems to be best described as moderately euphoric and mildly stimulating, with users generally reporting an uplifted mood and an increase in energy/focus. Additionally, the strain may promote mild feelings of relaxation, stress relief, and analgesia the inability to feel pain.

Due to its balanced nature, Green Horn’s onset may be initially energetic before transitioning into a more subdued, sedating conclusion. However, exact user experience likely varies.

The strain’s duration may be quite long, with an average observed effects-span of 4-5 hours for a moderate dose (2.5-5g). It should be noted, however, that some users have experienced nausea while using this strain in average quantities (2.5-5g). Always use caution when assessing dosage amount.

Source: Kratomaton

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