Phellinus linteus (Blach Hoof) mushroom is an uncommon mushroom that grows primarily in Japan, Korea, and China. Traditional Asian medical practices have been using Phellinus linteus mushroom for centuries. The Phellnus linteus common name that most people recognize it by is Black Hoof mushroom. Black Hoof mushroom gets its name from its appearance resembling a hoof when it grows. Black Hoof mushrooms range in color from light-dark hues of brown to black and has a distinct bitter taste. Black Hoof mushroom is typically found growing on mulberry trees and has a tendency to grow on the tree branches. Black Hoof mushroom takes on different names in Asian countries. Black Hoof mushroom is known as Song-Gen in China, Mesimakobu in Japan, and Sang-Hwang in Korea. Asian countries have used Black Hoof mushrooms for centuries. Some cultures would make a phellinus linteus tea to support immune system function, cellular function, and promote digestive health. Modern studies have discovered the Black Hoof mushroom benefits on promoting healthy metabolic function.

Source: Nootropics Depot

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