Grifola frondosa is a unique polypore mushroom native to China and northeastern parts of North America and Japan and is known for many grifola frondosa benefits. Grifola frondosa is more commonly known as Maitake mushroom and grows at the bases of trees, particularly oak trees, in clusters. Maitake mushroom tends to grow during the late summer and early autumn. The Maitake mushroom fruiting bodies can grow up to 100cm and have grayish-brown spoon shaped caps. The underside of Grifola frondosa mushroom caps have approximately one to three pores per millimeter and the white stalk has a branch like structure that gets stiff and tough as the Grifola frondosa mushroom grows. This characteristic has lent Maitake mushroom nicknames like hen-of-the-woods, ram’s head and sheep’s head mushroom. Modern mushroom enthusiasts learned how to cook Maitake mushrooms and how to make a maitake mushroom recipe such as grilled maitake mushrooms.

In Traditional Chinese and Japanese herbology, Maitake mushroom is a choice mushroom since it was believed that consuming Maitake mushroom can help balance the body and help return altered bodily systems to a healthy level. Many cultures actually consider Grifola frondosa a delicacy. Since maitake mushrooms are known to be chewy and succulent with a spicy yet earthy taste when cooked. Maitake mushroom is widely consumed in Japan and other Asian countries and its popularity in the western hemisphere is growing rapidly.

Source: Nootropics Depot