Red Horn Kratom Capsules
Due to the ambiguous nature of kratom, Red Horn may often be confused or conflated with Red Maeng Da by suppliers and users.

Referencing the ostensibly horned tips of its leaves, Red Horn appears to be relatively mild-natured but is still likely the most sedating of its kind.
Primarily, the strain seems to be moderately sedating, and may relax the user while reducing mental stress. However, some have also described it as being somewhat stimulating with mild energizing potential. These descriptions might be referring to the slight euphoric quality of this strain, resulting in an elevated mood.

Despite its color, Red Horn seems to possess only mildly analgesic
able to relieve physical pain properties. Its duration may be average to somewhat above average for a moderate dose (2.5-5g). It may be nauseating at higher doses (5g+). Always use caution when assessing dosage amount.

Source: kratomaton