Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Often named or marketed as maeng-da, (roughly translates from thai to mean “pimp-grade”) referring to its potential potency, Red Maeng Da is quite anomalous. Exhibiting an often balanced profile of effects, it may challenge one’s preconceptions about what red strains can offer.

In general, Red Maeng Da has been found to be both stimulating and somewhat sedating, with subtle pain-relief and euphoria also observed. At lower doses and during initial onset, some may find it to be energizing. As effects peak and taper off, its profile may become more sedating¸ possibly giving way to feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Additionally, this gradual, gentle advent of phenomena may be long-lived, as the typical duration for this strain has been reported as being longer than average (4-5 hours for a moderate dose [2.5-5g]).

For some, however, this strain may prove to be too potent, as a few cases of nausea at moderate-to-high doses seem to suggest. We recommend exercising discretion when assessing dosage.

Source: kratomaton