White Elephant Kratom Capsules
Referring to the larger-than-average size of its harvested leaves, White Elephant strains are thought to be a highly euphoric and stimulating, offering users a potentially energizing and pleasant mood lift.

White Elephant strains been recommended by some for potentially alleviating feelings of depression, as well as possibly aiding focus and productivity. Some users have noted a very fast onset with this strain, noticing effects after a period of only 20-30 minutes.

Pain relief seems moderate. Duration seems to be average or below average (2-3.5hrs) for a moderate dose (~2.5-5g). The strain’s sedative potential is thought to be low.

Because of its highly-stimulating profile, caution should be taken when assessing dosage amount. No evidence suggests that it is more or less nauseating than other strains at this time.

Source: kratomaton