In 2014, Kat began to explore all-natural ways to support her dogs using ingredients she trusted, like those in her own pantry. The homemade hemp biscuits that came out of her kitchen were so effective neighbors started asking her to share… word spread, and Austin and Kat was born!

From humble beginnings at a Saturday farmer’s market in Maine, Kat’s products can now be found in over 1,000 independent pet shops across the US.

Austin and Brady: Our Original Recipe Testers
Like a lot of great origin stories, I started Austin and Kat as a homemade science project. Okay, not exactly, but it did start in my home kitchen as an all-natural CBD remedy for my two dogs, Austin and Brady. Austin could be a little hyper and Brady had all the aches and pains that came with being a senior dog. I searched high and low for something that could help both of them and, after experimenting with hemp, herbal ingredients, and complementary botanicals, I came up with our very first batch of tail-thumpingly good biscuits.

After seeing the dramatic difference it made for Austin and Brady, I shared a few batches with my friends, neighbors, and triathlon teammates to see if it could help their dogs too. Pretty soon, I was busy hand-delivering boxes out of the back of my station wagon, with Austin in tow of course, and getting a first-hand look at the difference that CBD could have on other pets. The orders were coming in faster than I could write them down so, in November, I got to work creating our very first website. I pressed publish just in time to see…

Our First Big Milestone
After a few years of building our community, connecting with pet owners, and hearing about their journeys with CBD, we made it onto the shelves of our very first store in the Pacific Northwest: Seattle’s All the Best. If you’ve had the chance to stop by, or live in the PNW, you know just what a pinch-me moment it was to see Austin and Kat’s purple packaging on those shelves.

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