10X 1250mg Delta-8 THC Gummies Very Berry

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From the Vendor: You’ll love our new 10X Delta-8 CBD gummies in Very Berry, a combination of strawberry, blackberry, and acai! We’ve infused your favorite cannabinoid with Delta-8 to give you a CBD edible that’s mouthwatering.


From the Vendor: Are you ready for a Delta-8 THC buzz that’s very, Very Berry? With new 10x Delta-8 CBD gummies, you’ll be more ready than ever! You’ll love our new 10X Delta-8 CBD gummies in Very Berry, a combination of strawberry, blackberry, and acai! We’ve infused your favorite cannabinoid with Delta-8 to give you a CBD edible that’s mouthwatering. It’s a delicious, organic, all-natural hemp-based trip with all of the benefits of CBD and all of the fun of Delta-8 THC. With 50 gummies infused with 25mg of Delta-8 each, you’ll have 10-times the buzz and 10-times the fun!

These non-GMO, third-party certified Delta-8 THC gummies offer you a legal high that can’t be found anywhere else. But be careful because it’s an experience that promises to take you to the next level, 10 times over. Delta-8 THC Very Berry gummies offer you the world’s only legal high, letting you reach for the clouds with a psychotropic, hemp-derived buzz of immense proportions. Of course, you’ll need to do so carefully. 10X Delta-8 THC gummies are hemp-derived edibles made for your pleasure.

So take your Delta-8 THC gummy experience to the next level by a factor of 10. With new 10X Delta-8 THC Gummies in Very Berry, a combination of strawberry, blackberry, and acai, you can embrace the carefree, soothing pleasure of this exciting new cannabinoid while experiencing these sweet tastes that last all day long. It’s an all-new cannabinoid experience at extreme levels. A perfect pick-me-up that keeps everything sweet and chill. It’s 10X the fun!

And now it comes in delicious Very Berry. Imagine a Delta-8 gummy that’s 10X stronger and tastes like strawberry, blackberry, and acai. You’re going to love all 25mg of these bite-sized morsels. Every batch of 10X Delta-8 THC Gummies is third-party tested for safety and tested for impurities by a team of outside experts. We post all safety certificates online, so you can see for yourself why we’re the top Delta-8 THC manufacturer in the world.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, MCT oil.

26 reviews for 10X 1250mg Delta-8 THC Gummies Very Berry

  1. Larry W.

    This has been my goto for sleep at night without pain. I love this stuff. I’ma big gut abs still only need one a night

  2. Jeremy H.

    This product is great. Hands down good stuff. Just the right amount of indica to help you relax and chill out or sleep. Good for focus on tasking. This was a step down for me from the ultra strong gummies; they were really strong. The container gives fair warning to not exceed one gummy every six hours. I tried adding a half more and i could not walk a straight line after a while. Gave half of one to my dog in prep for a bad thunderstorm and he was absolutely chill and didn’t care when the storm came. Overall great product.

  3. Keith W.

    I love the flavors and the sense of well being it provides especially when I am having a hectic day they calm me down so I’m able to get on with my day. Always consistently a great product that made with care.

  4. Tanner S.

    Shipping was fast, it came with cooling packs so nothing had melted. The gummies taste good and hit really well too. I get a really nice body high from these. I also find taking them with delta 9 or 10 gummies enhances the experience. Will likely buy these again in the future.

  5. Ashton R.

    I laughed. I cried. I saw God. for the love of baby Jesus please follow the recommended dosage. It is STRONG.

  6. Jennifer J.

    I love these!!!!! They taste great but they also do exactly what they say…..I want everyone to know that their customer service is excellent…..off the chart excellent. They really care about the customer. I highly recommend the products and the service, should you need it!!!!

  7. Lauri L.

    Sleeping like a baby and no hangover as with THC . Also my dry eye pain is diminished. So grateful I stumbled upon these ! Highly recommend

  8. Chad W.

    It is as advertised. Very potent. Take one and feel better. No back pain, leg pain, and go to sleep easier and rest more. Very good product and I will purchase again.

  9. John G.

    I enjoy the flavor, unlike some Delta8 products. The texture and mouth-feel is like s regular candy gummy. The buzz is subtle and takes about an hour to fully kick in. Have I had better? Yes, using a stronger formulation. Ordering and delivery is top notch. Glad I found this company and the many products they offer

  10. Donovan W.

    Very good product soft and chewy tasty and boy does it make you sleep good! You only need to take half of one!

  11. Louann C.

    I have severe osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. These help with the pain and they also help me sleep. I highly recommend these gummies. The grape is yummy too.

  12. Sharise A.

    This products pack a punch !!!! A little goes a long way !!! Definitely had me feeling relaxed and stress free

  13. Stefan R.

    Meant to leave a review awhile ago, however I like these. Pretty strong for what they are, and the very berry flavor wasn’t bad either. I recommend.

  14. Marlo F.

    Great taste and good buzz. Sleep like a baby with 2 of these! Buying again!

  15. Pj B.

    These gummies have a yummy taste, and they take the edge off when when I’m feeling weary after a long day or sore after a workout. They also help me sleep a bit better, decrease the restlessness. I found no “high” from these gummies, no buzz, so there’s no becoming addicted to them. If you’re seeking a stronger effect, you’ll probably need to take more than two, and considering their cost, you’ll may want to refrain from doing this or you’ll be in need of a new order fairly quickly.

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