Austin and Kat 14mg CBD Bailey’s No More Wiggles Dog Chews

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From the Vendor: Made to help Austin’s nervous pal Bailey find peace and tranquility in all kinds of exciting situations. Soothing botanicals help dogs deal with everyday stressors – including noise and separation.

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From the Vendor: Made to help Austin’s nervous pal Bailey find peace and tranquility in all kinds of exciting situations. Soothing botanicals help dogs deal with everyday stressors – including noise and separation.

We’ve folded our premium hemp oil extract into a round and crunchy supplement optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism. For Bailey’s calm-and-quiet formula, we’ve selected relaxing natural products from around the world to complement our cannabinoids:

Premium Hemp Oil Extract
Valerian Root

Coconut Oil, Cranberries, Gelatin, Honey, Oats, Potato, Sage, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Potato, Tocopherols

24 reviews for Austin and Kat 14mg CBD Bailey’s No More Wiggles Dog Chews

  1. Jamie

    I like these chews are soft to break up and give the proper amount. My pack have different reasons to need CBD and I’ve used all the Austin and Kat formulas and love them.

  2. Maryah J.

    My German Shepherd can be a nervous wreck sometimes and thus works well for her to feel like she is getting a treat without the big scary dropped (cbd drops). Although I sometimes wish there were more in the pack, we use them so much!

  3. Alex

    Both of my pups LOVE these CBD chews, and they’re perfect for mellowing them out a bit before instances of high stress/excitement without completely zonking them out. They come to the office with me every day, and on days when I anticipate more foot traffic around here, the chews really help curb unwanted behavior like barking and jumping all over people. My older one, Bumi (3 years), gets a bit nervous and worked up around new people, and although I doubted these would work, his reduced anxious barking in stressful situations and ability to walk away and curl up in his bed shows it really works! My younger one, Goku (1 year), is still in his hyper puppy phase, and these chews keep him more calm and less up-in-everyone’s-faces when visitors come by. They also help both pups chill out much more quickly after visitors come over, and less likely to bark at “unknown noises” (i.e. the upstairs neighbors leaving their house). Overall, I’m really really impressed – I was skeptical at first, but I can really see the difference between when I feed the chews vs. when I don’t! I usually split one of these chews and give half to each pup (they’re about 27 lb each) and that dose has been working best for us. 10/10 can’t wait for these to be back in stock!

  4. Mitchell F.

    To start this is not me stating that this will help if your dog is reactive, I am only stating that it helped mine. I have an extremely anxious and reactive mini Aussie. I will say that Austin & Kat’s cookies helped tremendously with his anxiety and with his reactive nature. First off after about 30 minutes I see a difference, and since I’ve had him on the chews for about 3 months, it’s in full effect. He loves the taste to the point where he will start drooling the minute I pull the bag out. I am extremely pleased.

  5. Dave G.

    Both of our dogs love every product we’ve received from Austin and Kay! One of them is very anxious and this helps a lot

  6. David H.

    The No More Wiggles seems to help Fizz relax and we notice she is doing much better tolerating her house-mate, another Jack Russell terrier. We enjoy the improvement in her demeanor and reduced tensions at home! I would be helpful to formulate a chew for a smaller dog, since cutting them down to her recommended dosage causes crumbling and waste.

  7. Amanda B.

    We recently moved and as you can imagine, it has been stressful for our four (!) pooches getting used to a new house and settling in. These chews are great and help mellow them out! They also seem to taste better than the previous ones as two of our pups are picky eaters and ate these right up. I highly recommend Bailey’s No More Wiggles Chews!

  8. Matthew M.

    Well since I have been giving Lili these regularly, she is more mellow, things still bother her like the UPS driver who delivers this great product. However, the big test was on the 4th of July and she did the best she’s done ever. With the CBD treats and a stronger cage, she was way more mellow than in previous years. The cage is still necessary as she just wants to dig her way through anything to get away from the loud noise. I was sitting in my chair next to her in her cage and she was lying there wasn’t panting hard or trying to dig her way to freedom. So thank you so much for a great product, I wish we didn’t have to keep her in a cage but she was much better off.

  9. Karen S.

    I used the Bailey’s No More Wiggles Chew for the first time with my rescue pup to help him stay more calm during the Independence Day fireworks… worked like a charm. He was noticeably less stressed. Thanks!

  10. Candyce W.

    My 12 year old girl has a lot of anxiety and restlessness and arthritis as well. This works pretty well esp at night to chill her out so we can both sleep! I would love to see a chewy version of the No More Wiggles formula. We tried the chewy original formula and she loves those as shes never really liked crunchier treats. She does eat these biscuits if I break them up into smaller pieces. If it came in a chewy biscuit I’d definitely give 5 stars! Great customer service as well.

  11. Madison V.

    Many of our friends have tried and loved this product i just think that my dog somehow gets more stressed whenever we try to give him any sort of calming aid.

  12. Jake

    Bailey’s No More Wiggles Chew has been important in managing my dog’s separation anxiety. The treat definitely mellows out my dog without making her groggy like the effect Benadryl has. Combined with other interventions, this product has helped me train her with a routine where I can leave my dog home alone without fear of her hurting herself (which she’s unfortunately done) or howling the entire time.

    That being said, CBD is part of the solution, not a cure. I didn’t just give her a treat or two and then she was magically fine. The CBD formula simply helped get her into a state where I could train her properly, which then helped me get the results I was looking for. I’m giving this product 5 stars because it does the best job you should realistically expect.

    Also, the customer service was wonderful. I accidentally made two separate orders and was charged shipping on both. An agent emailed me saying they were combining the orders and not charging me shipping without any prompting from me. That’s great customer service.

  13. Stephanie E.

    Austin and Kat is a MUST HAVE in our home. When its bedtime, our pup knows exactly where he needs to be to get his nighttime snack. He loves them and they keep an otherwise restless pup calm throughout the night.

  14. Alexis C.

    We have two rescue Yorkies that both came from unfortunate backgrounds. I have been feeding them Austin and Kat’s products (yes! there are other products you should definitely try!!) for a little over a year now, and can 100% say that it has helped each of them in the best way possible and have given them a new life rid of anxiety pain.

    If we’re going out and leaving them home, we always give them a No More Wiggles snack in conjunction with Austin and Kat’s CBD oil. With this combo, a white noise machine, and the dog music station on YouTube playing, they comfortably relax instead of pacing, crying, and scratching at the door!

    We also give them each a snack in the evening to help them wind down because they always come in from their evening walk with a second wind of wild energy!

    If you find yourself reading this review, please trust me when I say this, I couldn’t recommend this product to you/your pup any more than I already am!! I trust the power in all-natural ingredients instead of giving my babies pharma meds, especially when it’s simply to help relax them!

    This is not a paid review- I’m just a dog owner passionate about products when they do and say what they’re supposed to do.

  15. Tracy W.

    Our eldest dog has trouble relaxing, and just a small piece of the treat helps calm him. It takes a bit to start working, so be patient.

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