Austin and Kat 450mg CBD Harper’s Immunity+ Oil for Dogs

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From the Vendor: Five immune-stimulating herbs, our CBD-rich hemp extract, and a custom mushroom superblend offer your dog the best of mother nature.

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From the Vendor: Inspired by Lady Harper, Kat’s youngest dog. Developed to help support pups as they continue their journey to big-dog status.* Five immune-stimulating herbs, our CBD-rich hemp extract, and a custom mushroom superblend offer your dog the best of mother nature. Formulated for maximum bioavailability with a turkey tail mushroom superblend and ashwagandha along with other great herbs.

We’ve folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism.

For Harper’s immunity formula, we’ve selected powerful adaptogens and botanicals to round out the gut-brain-immunity connection to optimize your pet’s whole-body defenses.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
made from whole-plant, minimally processed hemp grown with organic practices in U.S. sunshine

Turkey Tail Mushroom Superblend
Turkey Tail has recently gained popularity as a powerful fighter of free radicals and immune booster. And we’ve also included cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane mushrooms for extra support.

Ashwagandha Root
aka Indian ginseng; to limit free radical damage and promote oxygen intake especially for growing and young adult dogs

Astralagus Root
a well known adaptogen and highly researched immune enhancer, boosts the number and activity of immune cells

Broccoli Sprout
literally young broccoli plants but compared to mature broccoli, the sprouts contain lots of glucoraphanin. Digestion converts this to sulforaphane which has powerful antioxidant effects and helps with detoxification and protects cells from damage.

packed with nutrients that support the immune system and contribute to overall health. blueberries have the highest antioxidant load found in popular fruits and vegetables, notably polyphenols which include flavonoids.

Slippery Elm
the bark is high in mucilage and supports a healthy inflammatory response in the digestive system, soothes and lubricates mucus membranes in the digestive tract

12 reviews for Austin and Kat 450mg CBD Harper’s Immunity+ Oil for Dogs

  1. Misty s.

    This oil really did seem to help my pup all around. Less itchy, calmer, and she didn’t mind the taste! Perfect for like a daily maintenance supplement for her.

  2. Alisha B.

    The packaging for this product is great! The information materials that comes with it is also awesome. The ingredients/benefits of this product is spectacular. My dog had a lot of antibiotics as a puppy, so he could use a lot of immunity strengthening.

  3. ElleReviewed

    The smell is neutral and my dogs doesn’t mind the taste. It’s a great product for their overall health. Thank you so much!!

  4. Luckythepupmix

    My dog Lucky loves this immunity oil! I put some in his water every day. I absolutely love that I am able to help support his immune system with Austin and Kat’s Immunity oil. I would highly recommend this to any dog owner!

  5. AndreaReviewed

    My digs obsessed!! Love the fact that he enjoys it and that it’s good for his overall wellness!

  6. Alyssa

    I’ve been wanting my dog to try some CBD products for a while now. I finally found a great product that Vader loves. This immunity formula is amazing because it includes powerful immune stimulating ingredients. With Vader attending weekly advanced obedience classes with other dogs and going out in public often, it’s so important to us that he has an excellent immune system. This is our first Austin and Kat product and we will definitely be purchasing more!

  7. Jedi

    We don’t feed our dog just anything and will research the food and supplements we give her. The quality and information given around Austin and Kat has impressed us so much. The overall wellness of our dog is incredibly important to us. We give this Immune Boosting formula with confidence to our dog and hope it will help her stay healthy for a long time. Thank You Austin and Kat! 🙂

  8. Diamond S.

    When I pick up the bottle my shepherds come basically running! I have to be careful because they get so eager that I worry they’ll break the beaker! I love watching their eyes light up when they get a taste of it. I love knowing they love it and that it’s good for them as well. Of of them has back problems, one of them has hip and joint problems, and the other can get antsy sometimes. So it’s nice it does something good for all three of them. ♥️

  9. Truffle

    My 4-year old shiba inu is always so picky so I was thrilled that she had no problems trying the immunity oil with all the superfoods in it. It also comes in a cute package, which is an added bonus!

  10. Krissy

    We have been searching for a supplement that would help Luna with her occasional anxiety (car rides, new walking routes, unfamiliar pups) and also support her health. Harpers immunity oil has literally been life changing. The CBD helps to calm Luna’s nerves and help her relax in new situations & on long car rides. Before she would cry, try to paw her way out of the car and would not settle. Since giving her her daily dose of immunity oil she has settled much quicker in the car and has even started to enjoy short rides! We also love that there are tons of good for you ingredients ( various mushrooms, & ashwagandha) that support her health! We highly recommend this oil and can’t wait to try some of the other products!

  11. Cheryl S.

    Finally a mushroom immunity product! Great other ingredients too. Especially ove the broccoli sprout .

  12. Shawn B.

    Love this product for my English bulldogs Rosie and Hank. Love that it has awesome CBD but also has all the good mushrooms. The dogs love it.

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