Austin and Kat CBD Oil for Cats

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From the Vendor: Our new Feline formula blends the best premium NASC certified US-grown hemp extract with the highest quality sardine and plant-based oils added in the perfect ratios, optimizing the long-term effects of cannabinoids like CBD.

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From the Vendor: Our new Feline formula blends the best premium NASC certified US-grown hemp extract with the highest quality sardine and plant-based oils added in the perfect ratios, optimizing the long-term effects of cannabinoids like CBD.

We’ve even gone a step further and included two additional powerful botanicals for enhanced feline support.

Cranberries—promotes a healthy urinary tract and enhances kidney function
Astaxanthin—promotes cognitive health and eye function

As an added bonus, you’ll even find detectable amounts of CBN, CBG, and CBC, and other terpenes providing your pet the only full-plant tincture available.

Ingredients: We’ve folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole body metabolism. Premium Hemp Oil Extract; Sardine Oil; Cranberries; Astaxanthin

21 reviews for Austin and Kat CBD Oil for Cats

  1. Charlie H.

    My almost 17 year old male cat got sick at the same time that I got sick from COVID-19, and my two 12 year old male cats recovered just fine, but my almost 17 year old didn’t. He continued to have coughing/sneezing/snot ever since. When I started giving him this CBD oil it saved his life. One morning I woke up and his cough was worse, and he was shaking in pain (which was a first for that symptom), so I gave him this CBD oil hoping that it would give him some pain relief because I thought that he might pass away that morning, but he turned around and became 80% better towards his new Post COVID-19 self, and is still doing good and hanging in there. His coughing is better, and almost doesn’t occur when the CBD oil is active after getting his dose, and he is more energetic, talkative, and overall is at his best since his first sickness with COVID-19. There are two medical reports out there stating that when humans had CBD in their system that it prohibited the growth and rapid replication of COVID-19 inside of them so they could recover more quickly. Cats have a similar reaction to COVID-19 like humans do. Another medical report advised that when guinea pigs were given CBD for their respiratory infections that it helped tremendously in healing, so now they are researching using CBD to treat respiratory infections in humans. I believe that all of the good stuff in this CBD oil has saved my old man’s life and given him his independence back. My other two boys also take this now…

  2. Cheyenne B.

    My cat(12) has transitioned so kindly to having a baby around. But as he has become a toddler she needs more chilllll in her life. This cbd has helped SO much. I’m so grateful that I can rest easy knowing she’s got immune support along with relaxation encouragement as she ages.

  3. Angela A.

    Sadly, my cats did not care for this. We have been using Austin & Kat for a few years now. However, we were using CBD Oil for Cats & Small Dogs. When I saw this formula for Cats I thought it looked nice!

    Granted, it was red, but I did not think that was a biggie since cats cannot see red.

    Unfortunately, my cats hated the taste. I mean REALLY hated the taste!

    But I have weird cats. They love their canned Hill’s Science Diet and hate eating fresh fish…like salmon, tuna,…you name it. One of our cats loves popcorn though!

    So I think the fishiness of it was a turn-off. While the CBD oil for Small Dogs has Salmon in it…it must not be as strong because our ginger and tortie love it mixed in their food.

    So…we are back to our normal CBD formula and I reactivated our subscription.

    Thank you Austin and Kat for everything you do! I’m sure there are hundreds of cats out there that have no problem with the Cat Formula. Sadly, my weirdos don’t like it. My Ginger was fostered with labs so maybe that’s part of it? LOL! He does think he’s a dog most of the time.

  4. Kim N.

    I could not be happier with it. My boy cat would cry at 3am every night and wake everyone up. Since I started giving it to him on a regular basis, his crying has stopped and no one is woken up which means a happy house hold. I tried other products before this one and none of them worked until I used this one.. if you are unsure about buying it, give it a try and you won’t be sorry

  5. Jamie P.

    I’m a veterinarian and have been recently doing research into CBD benefits in pets. This was the first product I tried on my own cat and I have noticed an improvement in her mobility and pain. She has chronic pain due to arthritis. I have been recommending this brand to clients when they ask about CBD. Additionally, the product packaging is high quality and thoughtfully put together.

  6. Monika G.

    I’ve been a customer since 2016 when Austin and Kat was created. I starter buying dog soft chews for my shih tzu dog who is 12 years old today and still behaves like a puppy. I had no medical issues with him so far, he is full of energy, very playful happy dog. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I truly believe that Kat’s soft chews are the reason he is happy and healthy. I also have 2 cats and I’m stoked the brand added feline friendly products. I already have all the products that the company has. I go to bed knowing I take care of my fur babies and give them what so far has worked best to keep them happy and healthy. Thank you Austin and Kat!

  7. Catherine B.

    This product helped calm my cat in the evening.

  8. Mariah C.

    I have a cat who is and obsessive groomer, he would groom until he had wounds. We tried so many things and finally decided to try CBD. It’s made a world of difference. He is still a frequent groomer but not to the point of wounds and bald spots. Just hairballs. There was also a significant change in his attitude. He never cared about his humans much, and then he became a huge cuddle bug after as well.

  9. Nour R.

    My cat loves it I always put it on his wet food and he loves it and he devours it definitely will be buying it again once I’m done with that

  10. Dana C.

    So far so good. The frequency and duration of my cats seizures are dramatically better since he has been taking this cbd oil. My cat is beyond finicky and I was having a hard time getting him to take it willingly. I emailed the company for some tips and they promptly emailed back with more tips which proved to be just what we needed. I have to apply the oil to his paws and he, of course, is obligated to lick it off. My cat’s seizures are of unknown source, but I am so glad I tried this oil. if you are on the fence, go ahead and order it. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did, as I am.

  11. Patricia S.

    My Lucy has jay/Bone cancer they were ready to put her down and a friend told me to try cod oils so I looked it up and your site came on….. My Lucy is also blind so a lot of anxiety for her all her life, I wish I did this years ago, she’s more loving and more relaxed still eating and playing since I started her on this Thank you I’m not sure how long she has but they figured 2 weeks and she’s going on to 3 months

  12. Amanda R.

    I have been giving your CBD oil to 2 of my senior cats, one who sadly was recently diagnosed with cancer. Your product has been helping my precious fur baby relax and to rest comfortably. If I could hug you guys, I would. Thank you so much for your amazing product.

  13. Rachel O.

    My cat was highly aggressive even after being neutered. I had taken him to the vet and the vet gave me some medication to put him on to calm down. The medication was very strong not suitable for long term or even more than once. I looked a little bit online and found cbd would be a good thing to try. I forgot how I found this company but I am very happy with the product. He definitely chills out without the bad side effects of the medication. The packaging when I got this was so thoughtful. I will definitely keep buying as long as I have my bad cat.

  14. Marianne D.

    My cat seems happier and more affectionate since he has been using this product.

  15. Mary Frances

    My outdoor (feral) cat Geoffrey has been using the CBD oil for several weeks now. At first he did not like the taste and would not eat it, even when I mixed it in with his food. He seems to be getting used to it now and I am beginning to see some results. His fur is definitely softer and he is not limping as much. I don’t know if this improvement is solely the CBD oil or the combination of other medication he is getting. I definitely will continue to use it and hope for more improvement.

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