Calm by Wellness 500mg THC Free Hemp CBD Focus Oil Orange Hibiscus

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From the Vendor: If you have trouble focusing, you’ve come to the right place. Our CBD Focus oil tincture is formulated to support overall brain function and provide maximum brain clarity.


From the Vendor: Nature’s nootropic to support overall brain function and clarity. Hitting writers block? Is your coffee not doing the trick? Our Orange Hibiscus Focus Oil Tincture will keep your mind concentrated on all your important duties. With the perfect blend of broad spectrum hemp extract and orange hibiscus terpene blend formulated to get sh*t done.

1fl oz (30ml) – 17mg per serving.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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6 reviews for Calm by Wellness 500mg THC Free Hemp CBD Focus Oil Orange Hibiscus

  1. Emily

    I struggle with severe anxiety spikes and this keeps my anxiety at bay all day. I take it when I wake up anxious and can feel it will be affecting me all day. I chose the focus one specifically because I also struggle with getting simple tasks done, I don’t have another product to compare it to, but just being less anxious helps me get things done so I’m not sure if it’s this specific bottle or just the CBD in general doing its work haha. I read that there are side effects with CBD that it can make you feel sleepy, which was a big fear of mine, but it doesn’t make me feel sleepy at all. Definitely worth the money as someone that has previously been on medication, hated it, and have struggled with a solution since

  2. Victoria H.

    I love the focus CBD oil! It works great and helps me get things done throughout the day. Focus CBD oil gives me a light and calm energy and also helps reduce my anxiety. I will definitely be purchasing this product again!

  3. Tarah

    This stuff is amazing! I have adhd and am on prescription medication but still sometimes lack motivation to get boring task done. Ex laundry, housework. And I when I take the focus it really helps me focus and get my chores done! It’s that extra boost that I need! I feel more alert and feel motivated to get stuff done! Love this product! Worth the money!

  4. Callie D.

  5. Victoria H.

  6. Liz .

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