CannaMojo CBD Infused Male Enhancement Pill

From the Vendor: CannaMojo CBD 1 Pack is a great introduction to Cannabidiol and the most potent male enhancement available today.  Save An EXTRA! 20% with Coupon Code: Mojo20 at Checkout!

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From the Vendor: CannaMojo CBD 1 Pack is a great introduction to Cannabidiol and the most potent male enhancement available today. CBD and male enhancement is a match made in heaven. CannaMojo CBD is the 1st ever CBD infused male enhancement pill. Made with pure Cannabidiol and the most trusted male enhancement Mojo powder, this will increase pleasure and decrease anxiety.

CannaMojo combines our supplement formula with the power of CBD to provide users with a one of kind experience. Male enhancement doesn’t get better than this. Enjoy a better erection, increased control and endurance, while maximizing your natural size, and providing full-throttle pleasure to both yourself, and your partner. Experience sex the way nature intended; optimize your potential and increase overall satisfaction and performance.

This is NOT Your Standard Sexual Enhancement Pill
CONTROL is the key to providing a pleasurable experience. By adding CBD from the Hemp plant to our already proven mojo powder, you will relax and experience a truly enhanced and pleasurable performance that will satisfy you and your partner.

Why CBD?
CBD is a known vasodilator, which means you’ll get added blood flow where you need it most. CBD unlocks several key performance boosting bonuses for you. Put these benefits to good use where it matters most… the bedroom.

CBD Pros/Benefits:

Increased Desire – CBD is a natural aphrodisiac, used in folk medicine dating back thousands of years. Dopamine is the natural neurophysiological element triggering the pleasure reaction.

Increased Sensitivity – CBD interacts with Dopamine to enhance the sensory receptors of the body, thus eliminating the edge and optimize sexual pleasure.

Intense Orgasms – Increased sensitivity and increased desire lead to EXTRAORDINARY ORGASMS. Try to recall your best sexual experience and multiply that by your own imagination for a truly satisfying performance for you and your partner.

Reduce Anxiety – There are virtually countless reports of CBD providing reduced anxiety, less stress and enhanced performance resulting in a more satisfying experience for both partners.

Supplement Pros/Benefits:

Rigidity – Achieve an improved erection that will result in greater mutual pleasure and avoid the disappointment of no-shows. Experience maximum blood-flow and an erection that impresses both you and your partner.

Longevity – Imagine sex that lasts longer and allows you to remain stronger. Impress your partner with your renewed prowess and enthusiasm. The result can be a true improvement in your interpersonal relationship.

Recovery Period – You will be impressed with your recovery time and your partner will marvel at your renewed interest and stamina.

What do you get when you add 25mg of pure CBD to the power of our male enhancement supplement?
CannaMojo is the first to market a product that combines our proven mojo formula with the natural benefits of CBD. Enjoy the testosterone/libido boosting power of our supplement enhancement formula with and, the pure bliss provided by our pure 25mg Domestic Hemp CBD.

Our precise measurements provide you with a measurable, accurate dosage of CBD in every dose. The combination of our proprietary “Mojo” formula with an accurate dosage of pure CBD ensures you will be relaxed, anxiety free and ready to perform at your very best.

Who’s it For?
Whether you are twenty-one or seventy-one, CannaMojo can help you take your game to the next level. CannaMojo has no age limits and can provide the benefits of improved performance, greater pleasure, and total satisfaction!


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