CBD DOG Health Blanche’s Edibles Vegan CBD Dog Treats

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From the Vendor: These low-calorie, hypoallergenic, grain and gluten-free, vegan CBD edibles for dogs are infused with our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract in the heart of Colorado.

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From the Vendor: These organic, vegan, human-grade cookies are crafted with love by our friends at CoCoTherapy featuring pure coconut oil from their family farm in the Philippines.

These low-calorie, hypoallergenic, grain and gluten-free, vegan CBD edibles for dogs are infused with our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract in the heart of Colorado. Each vegan CBD treat is individually sprayed with the exact milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract, to ensure your pet gets a consistent and reliable CBD dosage in every tasty bite.

Senior dog, Blanche, was rescued when she was two years old and suffers from severe separation anxiety. Our all-natural CBD edibles for dogs have been her saving grace, providing real nutrients while keeping her calm all day long. We understand the needs of anxious pets and that’s why we created Blanche’s Edibles- a delicious solution for sensitive souls who deserve a delightful treat!

1 treat contains at least 3mg of CBD
Each bag contains 250mg of CBD
Each bag has 83 treats

Elevate your dog’s wellness journey with CBD Dog Health’s healthy CBD edibles for dogs. Crafted with care and expertise, these delectable treats offer a unique fusion of wholesome nutrition and the power of full spectrum hemp extract.

Unlike typical CBD edibles that may contain harmful additives, our CBD edibles for dogs are meticulously formulated to provide only the best for your furry friend. Every bite is a symphony of natural flavors and essential nutrients, designed to support your dog’s overall well-being.

With our CBD edibles for dogs, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving a carefully crafted blend that harnesses the potential of CBD to address various aspects of their health. Whether it’s relaxation, joint support, or general vitality, our edibles deliver a comprehensive wellness experience that your dog will adore.

Experience the next level of pet wellness through our new CBD edibles for dogs, where each treat is a testament to our commitment to your dog’s health and happiness. Join us in embracing a new era of nourishing goodness for your beloved companion.

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Ginger, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic MCT Oil

8 reviews for CBD DOG Health Blanche’s Edibles Vegan CBD Dog Treats

  1. Kathy H.

    Hi! I rarely get this excited about a product, but the CBD tablets have really helped my 10-month-old puppy to sleep. I give him two tablets about 30 minutes before he goes to bed, and he sleeps 9 hours. Yes, yes. ☺️, This is really helped him to relax and just stay in his crate until morning,! Before I started giving him CBD tablets, we didn’t know when he was going to wake up. ??🤨😫thank you for creating a wonderful product! my dog does not like the CBD oil, but he really does like the tablets😋

  2. Marisol N.

    I wasn’t sure how my little senior pup would do w/ this treat since she’s missing quite a few teeth but she chews them pretty well and LOVES them.

  3. Judith W.

    Luka has daily anxiety. He loves Blanche’s edibles, not only because they are yummy, but they calm him within a half hour.

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing! Has tremendously helped with separation anxiety!

  5. Darci Y.

    These really help my pup with his separation anxiety. He is so much more relaxed and calm but most importantly able to stay home calmly when I have to go out for errands or work. These combined with Calm have dramatically improved our quality of life.

  6. Anonymous

    They help my dog relax and sleep better with his arthritis pain.

  7. Rachelle T.

    I really like the Edibles, although they are not as strong as the oil. They are really convenient when travelling and they must taste good because my dog loves them!

  8. Anonymous

    My Sr girl loves them and I love the convenience for administration on the go if needed for surprise anxiety triggers.

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