CBD DOG Health SOOTHE 150mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Salve

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From the Vendor: SOOTHE hot spots, bug bites, dermatitis, allergies, and more with this all natural Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) salve.

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From the Vendor: SOOTHE hot spots, bug bites, dermatitis, allergies, and more with this all natural Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) salve. SOOTHE is an all-natural topical combining hemp CBD, naturally occurring cannabinoids, and premium quality ingredients and essential oils in a proprietary formula for a refreshing, soothing, and healing experience for your pet.

REMEDY contains 150mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, peppermint, eucalyptus, and coconut oil to help get rid of your pets fatty tumors, cysts and infections. For even faster results include our HEAL tincture as well.

SOOTHE contains 150mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, ginger, honey and coconut oil to help your pets with allergy breakouts, bug bites, dermatitis, dry skin, hot spots and more.

Our SOOTHE salve is 100 percent food grade, never contains any artificial dyes or fragrances, and is made using CO2 extraction — which means we do not use chemical solvents like butane (lighter fluid) in any of our products. Additionally, all of our products undergo full spectrum lab testing by a third-party for purity and potency, and lab certificates are available to view prior to purchasing.

CBD Dog Health takes pride in delivering only the finest CBD for pets, formulating products that are completely safe for consumption and environmentally sustainable.

Full Ingredients: Contains 150mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD), ginger essential oil, Vitamin E, and honey.

26 reviews for CBD DOG Health SOOTHE 150mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Salve

  1. Becky B.

    This wonderful product has totally healed a tumor on my dog’s leg!! It was a little bigger than a golf ball when I started treating it and now, about 3 mos later, it’s a tiny little spot that is still shrinking! I cannot say enough about this!! I recommend it for any type of skin condition or, as we’ve found out tumors, also!! It is, literally, a Godsend!!

  2. Felicia E.

    helpful for hair loss and skin scabbing due to allergies and cushings disease

  3. Lisa G.

    Starting to see a difference in my dog’s skin finally calming the red and irritated. Just ordered more with the drops combo.

  4. Linda J.

    She has allergies so bad. I am so glad that it helps her significantly. This time I am ordering the oil. Love what CBD does for her itches and scratches.

  5. Joanne B.

    Amazing! As soon as I applied it she stop scratching! She has allergies and she loves to rub on the dirt. Now she even asked for it. The relieve is instant!!! Love it!!!

  6. Susan H.

    Using this along with EASE and her red, itchy allergies are almost gone. Been using this for about a week and a half.

  7. Connie A.

    My little Pekingese girl Pixy had 2 infected hotspots from allergies. This area was shaved at the Vet to clean, also then giving her some razor/shaver burns in the surrounding area. I rec’d the Soothe 3 days after Pixy being shaved and also given a antibiotic injection. I applied the Soothe at 3pm and again at 9pm and the next morning I could see quite a bit improvement and signs of healing! I am very impressed and am so HAPPY to have seen the FB advertizement for Soothe, a GREAT product!! Thank-you so much CBD Dog Health for helping to heal my little Pixy, we are BOTH GRATEFUL!!

  8. Susana A.

    LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! I use it myself on mosquito bites and it works.

  9. Chilly

    hot spots, skin irritations, yeast infection, bug bites, rashes, we have a jar of this on hand at our very busy shop and use it every day with great success. This is a must have in any holistic tool kit!

  10. Lorayne R.

    This product is working well to get rid of a rough and dry elbow.

  11. Christine G.

    My sofa noses sometimes get dry and cracked as they are a Bull dog breed. After putting this on for one week, it was healthy and not cracked! Aso smells much better than others I’ve used, that haven’t worked!

  12. Danielle K

    Our 10 1/2 year old Maltese had a skin tag growing on her back leg and rather than have her to get surgery I looked into the Soothe salve and read the reviews so we wanted to try it . I received it and started morning and night for a little over a week after the second week the skin tag started to turn brown and the following week at bath time it fell off and she has been free from any signs of regrowth. I highly recommend Soothe Salve and all their products !!!

  13. Shelly C.

    Love this product! My Yorkie has several hot spots from allergies and this has helped so much. She is so much more relaxed and not scratching and chewing on herself constantly.

  14. Wanda C.

    I have seen a good result from the CBD Oil Salve Smoothe

  15. Steve Tran

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