CBDfx 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD+ 150mg CBN Oil Tincture Calming

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From the Vendor: Unwind the mind with our full spectrum Calming Tincture featuring the “relaxation cannabinoid” CBN and a proprietary terpene blend designed to calm you down.

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From the Vendor: Unwind the mind with our full spectrum Calming Tincture featuring the “relaxation cannabinoid” CBN and a proprietary terpene blend designed to calm you down. Available in regular strength (500mg CBD & 150mg CBN), extra strength (1000mg CBD & 150mg CBN), maximum strength (2000mg CBD & 150mg CBN), maximum strength plus (4000mg CBD & 300mg CBN) and ultra strength (6000mg CBD & 300mg CBN).

A New Take on Our Classic CBD Tincture Oils:

Welcome to the state of calm with our CBN + CBD Oil Tincture.

Taking what you loved about our classic CBD Tinctures, we’ve updated them to enhance their flavor (now delightfully herbaceous) while adding a vital and new calming ingredient, CBN! From Classic to Calming, our latest tincture iteration marks a new step forward for an old favorite!

With more than 27% of Americans suffering from some form of sleep disorder, it’s no surprise that getting a good night’s sleeping has become harder than ever. Not only does a lack of sleep leave us tired and groggy the following day, but it’s also incredibly detrimental to our health.

To cater to your needs, tolerance, and preference, our CBD + CBN Calming Tinctures are available in a variety of strengths from regular strength (500mg), extra strength (1000mg), maximum strength (2000mg), maximum strength plus (4000mg), and ultra strength (6000mg).

What is CBN?
Unfamiliar to many hemp users, CBN is a minor cannabinoid and a derivative of THC. When THC ages, it becomes CBN. CBN is a non-psychoactive and helpful chemical compound that’s known to produce a calming effect in the body and mind. This calming effect makes it easier to sleep and is one of the main reasons why CBN is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids for sleep.

Why Should You Try Our CBN + CBD Tincture Oil?
Aside from the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients, our CBD + CBN Calming Tinctures work to put you to sleep without the typical ill-effects of prescription sleep medication. That means no strange physiological responses or dreams, just pure and natural sleep.

13 reviews for CBDfx 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD+ 150mg CBN Oil Tincture Calming


    I have mild to severe insomnia. Now I can finally unwind my body most importantly my mind and quickly drift away to sleep, even if it’s 5 hours of sleep, it’s a solid sleep.

  2. KIM G.

    I have tried many different CBD products, looking for the best and this is it! From gummies to gelcaps and other oils… This is by far, the one that works for me. I use the Wellness, by day, and the Calming oil at bedtime. I can finally get sleep! I suffer from anxiety, tremors & a host of other impossible to live with symptoms, but this CBD oil helps relax them all. My life is good again.


    After starting using this CBD + CBN oil calming tincture (1000mg) my sleep has improved, I sleep more hours and I don’t wake up as many times as before.


    This product had worked wonderfully on my tremor. I was at a point where my husband was going to have to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Today my tremor is hardly noticeable. I take 1mg. In the morning and 1 at night before retiring.

  5. BILLIE B.

    I take this before bed and I’m able to sleep deeply throughout the night without any drowsiness in the morning.

  6. KRIS P.

    The combination of CBD for pain relief and the CBN for sleep has been really helpful! I will purchase again!

  7. STACY A.

    A nice gentle calm feeling without drowsiness. Really helps with anxiety/panic attacks during day.


    This Tincture relaxes me so much. I love it!! I am sleeping much deeper now. Love it!!!

  9. MIKE L.

    For many years, I have had difficulty sleeping through the night. Sleep meds and melatonin have done little to help. CBD FX is effective in helping me stay asleep. Since starting the tincture, I actually get a sound night’s sleep. I am so glad I found this product!

  10. SHARON

    This product really helps my chronic insomnia and anxiety, and I’m able to sleep so much better when I take it. I will say that I hope they come out with a nicely flavored version because it doesn’t taste great but it’s a small price to pay for good sleep.

  11. DELIANA R.

    great product, I love it!! I sleep amazing with it, and calm my anxiety symptoms.

  12. LISA

    The only thing that helped me sleep was tryptophan. And lots of it. It did the trick for years but then its effect began to fade. So I tried some CALMING. I am still in the figuring out stage (when and how much to take) but I have noticed that over the 4 nights that I have tried it, my sleep time has increased. I woke in the middle of the nights and took a little more and fell back asleep in a while. It will be interesting to see if it continues to increase. I think it will.

  13. ROBIN F.

    This product really works. I’ve not had issues falling to sleep, but tend to not be able to go back to sleep, once I awaken in the middle of the night. Using this tincture has eliminated that problem. For the first time in ages I can fall back to sleep instead of ruminating about trying to fall back to sleep! I have lupus and RA so pain has always been an issue at night. My pain level is significantly decreased when I use these drops. Amazing stuff!

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