CBDfx CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness

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From the Vendor: Our CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness combine the calming wellness benefits of CBD with the adaptogenic and nootropic properties of cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and other mushrooms.


From the Vendor: Our CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness combine the calming wellness benefits of CBD with the adaptogenic and nootropic properties of cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and other mushrooms (50mg per serving!). Available in a delicious black cherry flavor, these health-boosting gummies are great for daily wellness, as well as other benefits, including immune response, stress relief, anti-inflammatory support, and much more. CBD Wellness Mushroom Gummies are a healthy and tasty way to start your day!

CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness
For millennia, people have recognized the health and wellness potential in eating mushrooms. More recently, we’ve learned about the adaptogenic properties of many such fungi, as well as the nootropic effects of some mushrooms. These natural health supplements pair perfectly with CBD, the hottest wellness product on the market. Our CBD Mushroom Gummies give you seven potent mushrooms in a delicious black cherry-flavored gummy, making our Wellness Gummies a wonderful addition to any morning health regimen.

The Benefits of Mushrooms
The benefits of mushrooms depend, to a large extent, on which mushrooms you’re talking about. We use seven different mushrooms in our Wellness Gummies: chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, turkey tail, and shiitake. Each of these shrooms is notable for having either adaptogenic or nootropic properties (some have both!).

Adaptogens are chemical compounds that reduce stress on the body. Nootropics are compounds believed to improve cognitive function by stimulating the repair and growth of new nervous system cells, fighting inflammation in brain cells, maximizing oxygen use in brain and nervous tissue, and supporting mood and sleep.

All of the mushrooms we use are organically grown and wild harvested in the USA. The mushroom extracts we use are pulled from the sporocarp, or fruiting body, of the fungi using a clean water spraying method. The result is the purest and most potent mushroom extract available, with no residual chemicals in your gummies.

Here’s a look at the shrooms used in our delightful gummies. Every serving delivers 7.1mg of each mushroom!

Chaga mushrooms are considered to have both adaptogenic and nootropic properties. These mushrooms have been used for many centuries for immune support, as well as overall health and wellness benefits. Chaga mushrooms are also packed with important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B complex, vitamin D, potassium, and more.

Cordyceps are also believed to have both adaptogenic and nootropic benefits. Cordyceps mushrooms have been studied for their potential to help reduce stress on the body, increasing resistance to stress-inducing activity. These mushrooms are often used to provide energy (some even take cordyceps to boost libido), and are a wonderful source for vitamins B1, B2, B12 and K.

Lion’s Mane
Traditionally, lion’s mane mushrooms (sometimes called “lion mane”) have been taken for their adaptogenic benefits, helping the body to regulate stress and stop inflammation. Lion’s mane is also believed to have positive nootropic benefits for the brain and neurological system. These mushrooms are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy carbohydrates, amino acids, and more.

Reishi mushrooms are also commonly used for their adaptogenic benefits. Reishi is believed to support the adrenal glands, which release cortisol to help the body deal with stress. These mushrooms are a potent source of vitamins (especially vitamin D), minerals, amino acids, and dietary fiber.

Maitake is another adaptogenic mushroom, long taken for its beneficial immunity, antioxidant, and wellness effects. Among maitake’s many nutrients are vitamins B and C, copper and other minerals, potassium, beta-glucans, amino acids, and fiber.

Turkey tail (a.k.a. Turkeytail)
Turkey tail is an adaptogenic mushroom, well known for its immune support stemming from two different polysaccharopeptides, which are abundant in this healthful fungus. Turkey tail also contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, as well as vitamins B3 and D.

Shiitake mushrooms are considered both adaptogenic and nootropic mushrooms. These potent mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, such as lentians and other beta-glucans, which protect against cell damage, promote immune function, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, organic turkey tail mushroom powder, organic lion’s mane mushroom powder, organic cordyceps mushroom powder, organic chaga mushroom powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, organic maitake mushroom powder, organic red reishi mushroom powder, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, purified water, seaweed extract, pectin, tri sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavor, natural color.

7 reviews for CBDfx CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness

  1. Robert B.

    There pretty good! Feel relaxed taking them after a long day of work.

  2. Angie M.

    Well due to the surgery that I had to have I haven’t been able to actually take them yet but when I do I’ll let you know if they’re anything like my gummy‘s that I get there will be no problem I love this company I’ve heard some negative reviews about this company but I have never had any problems with them charging my account my orders usually come within 3 to 5 days they’re always good quality they don’t have any side effects to my body and I actually love being able to try something that’s natural instead of all these bad side effects from prescriptions so thank you CBD I love your company

  3. Sally C.

    Since using this I don’t take celexa anymore

  4. Danielle M.

    For someone like me who has an anxiety disorder, I was skeptical of going off my meds, ànd doing natural things.
    Before finding your brand I tried another. It worked but didn’t have the Mushrooms added. One day, I saw at my retailers for 50% off and the were out of my brand, so I took a chance. Been a loyal customer since..

  5. Jacqueline M.

    I think these help overall mood and feeling of well-being.

  6. Barbara H.

    New fav for everyday “chill pill”

  7. Sam J.

    they taste AMAZING and I def feel these gummies.

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