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From the Vendor: Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with Rejuvediol™ CBD Massage Oil.

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From the Vendor: Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with Rejuvediol™ CBD Massage Oil. This dry oil formula allows you to treat yourself with a natural, nourishing massage without the oily, sticky feeling that is associated with regular massage oils. With premium ingredients like jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and 150mg of organically grown CBD hemp oil, your skin will get a boost of botanical extracts while tension is melted away by an effective combination of active topical ingredients known for natural relief.

Everyone deserves the chance to experience relief when they’re feeling encumbered by achy discomfort. Now, with Rejuvediol CBD Massage Oil by CBDfx, you can treat yourself to a spa-like experience any time you want!

Rejuvediol™ is formulated to be non-greasy, delightfully aromatherapeutic, and all-natural. It checks all the boxes of responsible CBD production, including organic hemp farming, clean CO2 extraction, and third-party purity testing. This massage oil is non-GMO, cruelty-free, phthalate free, totally vegan and paraben free. At CBDfx, we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver you the purest and most ethically crafted product possible.

This proprietary, naturally-scented dry oil formula is loaded with the kinds of superior ingredients found at all the best luxury day spas. You’ll feel areas of discomfort start to finally relax, enveloped in soothing scents, as your skin soaks up much-needed hydration. Truly, Rejuvediol™ needs to be experienced to be understood.

Rejuvediol’s™ ingredients are not only aromatic, but they also work to improve your skin’s appearance. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E and A, providing important building blocks for your skin to be as healthy as possible. Jojoba oil fights physical ailments and can even help sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea thanks to its E and B-complex vitamins. Rosehip oil can help improve collagen levels, and is another vitamin A powerhouse.

What’s a good massage without a substantial aromatherapeutic experience to go along with the tension release? Peppermint oil will open up your sinuses and help you feel refreshed, while bergamot oil provides a zesty orange-like scent that invigorates and recharges you. Rosemary oil swaddles you in an evergreen, herbaceous aroma that immediately whisks you out of the city and into nature. We believe that a great massage oil should treat your senses as well as your muscles!

From skin care benefits to a boost of broad spectrum CBD, and even aromatherapy, Rejuvediol™ massage oil has it all. So go ahead, treat yourself to that resort experience without leaving the comfort of your own home. Your body will thank you!

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13 reviews for CBDfx CBD Massage Oil – Rejuvediol™

  1. Mae S.

    Product is excellent just need a new design on the top of the bottle top is hard to pump and leaks

  2. Latonya S.

    I like this oil. It help relieve and relax my joint but the smell is a little strong.

  3. Edwin M.

    Dry massage oil works well and does not have a overpowering CBD sent.

  4. Miranda M.

    I used this once so far on a day where I slept wrong and my neck was feeling off the following morning, so I put some of this massage oil and my neck felt way better.

  5. LYNN S.

    I love it. I massage this oil into my neck and feet before I go to bed and fall into a very restful pain free sleep. Great product.

  6. KAREN B.

    Leaves your skin very smooth & silky for hours. The non-greasy formula is great! A great product!

  7. SUSIE D.

    This Massage Oil is so great after a shower! Just have to remember that it is an Oil, a little goes a long way.

  8. ANH N.

    This massage oil is a MUST! I was intrigued by the “fast drying formula” marketing, and found it to be true. I bought it for the arm/leg aches, and I could feel the difference within the hour of application. Thank you for putting this product out in the market!

  9. YURI M.

    I’ve been using this massage oil for 3 years and still in love with this, probably had used more than 5 bottles. The texture of this oil is just perfect, not greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly. I’ve tried several CBD tinctures and balm/massage oil from other companies but I must say this massage oil is the best in the market. Once apply on my shoulders or foot soles or back.. disappear all the tensions and sooth my senses. Also helps for muscle sore after workout, I sometimes add wintergreen or peppermint essential oil for soreness and summer. I like this oil is quite subtle smell so if i want to change my mood, adding my essential oils, for instance, ylang ylang for sensual scene, for peppermint in hot summer.. overall This oil itself is magic!

  10. VINCE M.

    This Oil is addictive, love to put it on everyday as it smells great & helps me relax!✨🌝✨

  11. MARKARA B.

    I actually won the CBD Massage Oil 500mg and I absolutely love it!!! I’ve used other products of their’s too like the CBD oils and gummies. I can honestly say these products are worth every penny plus they are always having giveaways which is super nice!!!

  12. Kathleen S.

  13. Chris T.

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