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From the Vendor: Get a great boost of full-body wellness with our full spectrum CBD oil tincture and jumpstart your daily self-care regimen.

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From the Vendor: Get a great boost of full-body wellness with our full spectrum CBD oil tincture and jumpstart your daily self-care regimen. Keep it simple, keep it classic – with full spectrum CBD oil tinctures! Our tinctures are made with nothing but MCT oil infused with full spectrum hemp extract, available with natural flavoring. A CBD oil tincture gives you the greatest flexibility and choice: mix it with your coffee or tea, stir it into a CBD recipe, or deliver it straight under your tongue for fastest results.

1500, 3000 or 6000 mg CBD+THC Full Spectrum Formula per bottle
Always derived from U.S. hemp
Third-party lab tested for quality and consistency
Vegan and Gluten-Free

With cbdMD’s full spectrum CBD oil tinctures, you’ll be getting the wellness benefits of CBD enhanced with CBG, CBN, CBC, and the full suite of cannabinoids, including just a smidge of THC. Along with the terpenes and flavonoids, all this adds up to a full suite of beneficial ingredients extracted strictly from non-GMO hemp grown here in the USA.

6000 mg products may have a more natural, bitter taste due to the high concentration of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Ingredients: MCT Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Flowers and Aerial Parts). — Chocolate Mint Flavor Only: Natural Chocolate Flavor and Organic Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil.

18 reviews for cbdMD CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture

  1. Ricky S.

    Really helps with my tinnitus. Completely worth the money

  2. Stephanie

    I’ve been using this tincture for about a year and I’ve had great results. I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees but you wouldn’t know it if you saw me now.

  3. Vicki A.

    Has a good taste & I feel like I wake up in better mood like I slept peacefully!✌️

  4. Mel I.

    good product helps me relax & fall asleep in a shorter time

  5. Pamela R.

    I like this tincture because you can adjust your dosage to your different needs. It is a good strength so you don’t have to use a lot for each dosage.

  6. Karen F.

    This CBD is well-sourced and has a full range of products, including broad spectrum, which multiplies its effectiveness. This really helps my asthma and studies show this, but it’s great for many other uses, including sleep. Love the berry flavor myself, it’s delicious.

  7. Lee G.

    It takes a couple of weeks but it works really well to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.

  8. William W.

    I take a dropperful every morning. I feel much better after taking for many months.

  9. Greg K.

    I have been using CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture for over a year now. I have never felt better.

  10. Joseph W.

    Absolutely the best cbd oil I have experienced in last 5 yrs great for pain and anxiety it’s a glass jar f wine for the people who can’t have one.

  11. Rebecca G.

    My family member uses this for a few health issues as she approaches 60. She swears that it has made a big difference and it’s worth the steep price (although we shop at cbdMD because there are frequent good deals, thank you!) First she started with broad spectrum, but transitioned to full spectrum because it was more effective. Then she tried the next higher concentration for price savings over time (3000mg in mint chocolate), and liked it. However, when she tried the 6000mg, she found that even though technically the CBD dose was the same (just take half as much to equal 3000mg version), she felt it was noticeably less effective. We decided that the ratio of CBD to THC is best for her needs. She was very skeptical to try CBD but is now a huge fan because this has no high or altering your mind etc, but there are many benefits that so many different people could use it for, e.g. pain management, insomnia, depression, and not have the bad side effects that prescribed medicine almost always have. Thank you CBDmd, we’re loyal customers! As an aside, please bring back the lemonade cbd drink packets, we LOVE them and MISS them dearly!

  12. Carina D.

    It gives me a really nice calm and the results are variable whether I take more or less. I like that it’s a tincture dropper because it’s easy to different amounts.

  13. Bubu

    I’ve been using CBDMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture for a few months now, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with its effectiveness in promoting a sense of calm and well-being. I initially started using it to help manage my anxiety, which often manifested as racing thoughts and difficulty sleeping. Within a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety levels, and I found myself falling asleep more easily and waking up feeling refreshed.

    Apart from its calming effects, I’ve also found that CBD Oil has been beneficial in managing my occasional muscle soreness and joint discomfort. After a long workout or a day of intense activity, I’ll take a drop or two of the tincture, and the soreness typically subsides within an hour or two.

    The tincture itself has a pleasant earthy flavor, and the dropper makes it easy to measure the desired dosage. I typically take half a dropper under my tongue, holding it there for about 30 seconds before swallowing. The effects are subtle but noticeable, and I find that they last for several hours.

    Overall, I highly recommend CBDMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture to anyone seeking a natural and effective way to promote calm, manage stress, and support overall wellness. The high-quality ingredients, consistent potency, and noticeable effects make it a worthwhile addition to my daily routine.

  14. Shelly H.

    Threw away all my prescription meds and only take this. Sleep like a baby after a hot bath and a warm bottle.

  15. Renee K.

    I was buying my CHD oil from another company, but have made the switch to CbdMD. Not only are the products fresh and potent, they’re reasonably priced. And when they put on a sale, they do it up right. Thanks cbdMD for becoming my new go-to for CBD products!

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