Chill Plus 2000x Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil

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From the Vendor: Chill Plus Delta Force CBD Oil is a premier select brand of pure, hemp-derived full spectrum CBD combined with the most talked-about hemp compound to hit the market in years, Delta-8.

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From the Vendor: We’ve just infused our Delta-8 CBD oil with our most powerful chill ever and it’s got everyone buzzin’! Chill Plus Delta Force CBD Oil is a premier select brand of pure, hemp-derived full spectrum CBD combined with the most talked-about hemp compound to hit the market in years, Delta-8. Now, at 2000X, your buzz will be better than ever! A derivative of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8, is an exciting new psychotropic compound with a smooth yet subtle high that will have you feeling extra chill. And now, we’ve balanced it out with our full spectrum CBD to date, to give you a unique experience that will have you floating on the clouds.

How is this even legal? Delta-8 falls into a legal grey area. When it’s extracted from hemp under the right conditions, no one can stop us from selling it to you. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try. So hurry up and grab yours today while you still can, because who knows when lawmakers will try to end this party.

Chill Plus Delta Force CBD Oil combines 1000mg of Delta-8 with 1000mg of all-natural, hemp-derived full spectrum CBD. Like all of our products, it’s all organic and grown on non-GMO farms. We guarantee our CBD is the safest and purest around and back up those words by sending all of our brands through a rigorous third-party lab testing process. We recommend placing a few drops under your tongue to see what all of the BUZZ is really about.

6 reviews for Chill Plus 2000x Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil

  1. Kristine A.

    Definitely took too much the first time, but am now on track. It is wonderfully relaxing and a wonderful sleep aid.

  2. George R.

    I found between 6 to 10 drops of Chill Plus Delta-8 & Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 2000X helpful at relieving pain in my back and knees while improving sleep – awesome product!!!

  3. Stacey S.

    Full spectrum Delta 8 CBD oil 2000x is the most effective for pain management. Quick and easy dosing for anywhere, anytime. Strongly recommend this product.

  4. Douglas H.

    I don’t think I can live without this product. Yes, when you first start consuming this CBD oil you will feel the Delta-8 kick; it is not harsh like THC. Let’s put it this way: 1mL and 30 minutes later you are giggling to every muscle relaxing. My nerves stop over-firing and the nerve pain that is constant from that actually stops. I have tried THC based full spectrum; six hours later after getting pissy waiting for some relief to only start repeatedly sayin, “it’s not working!” in different tones and growls. And writing a 35 page email to the place you purchased said THC FS from to explain why you should get your money back and how they should take this product off their shelves because they are ripping people off(true story). Then once THC FullSpec. does start working you end up panicking, heart racing and thinking you should probably go to the ER but how the heck are you going to explain the reason for your visit. So you write a 45 page dissertation, that you think will likely be the last words you give this spinning rock, there were some ups, some downs about how you went wrong in life and you should have listened to your mother when she said-that’s going to hurt later, to finally why CBD is good for you and makes the pain stop…after you pass out thinking, “this is it” your heart is going to beat out your chest, panicking and all that…you know what, just get this product. This product is so much bette!
    Enjoy being pain free and not spastically trying to find a product that won’t turn you inside out. Get this! Bonus, you will actually get sleep too!

  5. Stacey S.

    I am continually amazed at how much Delta 8 CBD Oil helps with my knee pain. So easy to take and no bad after-taste.

  6. Laurene B.

    The tincture was great! It arrived quickly, packed well, and was high quality. The taste was nice, and the effect was mild, but effective. Will definitely buy it again.

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