CryoFreeze 150mg CBD Pain Relief Roll On

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From the Vendor: This power packed cryotherapy pain relief roll on delivers an arctic blast of cooling relief for sore muscles, back aches, stiff joints and more.

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From the Vendor: This power packed cryotherapy pain relief roll on delivers an arctic blast of cooling relief for sore muscles, back aches, stiff joints and more. The deeply penetrating formula instantly ices-out the pain with a one-two punch of potent Menthol and Broad Spectrum CBD. 10 natural pain-relief ingredients including 8.5% Menthol help support fast recovery by blocking pain receptors, reducing inflammation, and improving muscle & joint flexibility. Feel relief within 10 minutes! TSA compliant size. ZERO% THC. NO HIGH.

Exceptional Purity & Potency
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30 reviews for CryoFreeze 150mg CBD Pain Relief Roll On

  1. Elizabeth L

    My husband uses this for his knee pain and it works very well

  2. Brent W

    Works great gets rid of my muscle pain for hours.

  3. Beck B

    I use this product every morning on my knee before going to work, I have bad knee joints, and found this to work all day long. It works better then any other product I have found for all day relief. Will be buying this again.

  4. Greg c

    Wowwwww this CBD cryofreeze is literally so legit. It worked so fast and just like ice hot. I’ve tried other cbd product and this by far is the best hands down.

  5. Arkaidy W

    My boss has been suffering with “frozen shoulder” for MONTHS. She has seen doctors, chiropractors, you name it. None have been able to treat her issue and she is constantly in pain and has almost zero range of motion in her right arm. I had heard so much about Omax that I thought I would order it for her to try. While, of course, it did not cure her ailment, she reported to me that it provided great relief for her when she applied it, and that she liked that it was a roll-on, because the things she had been given by her doctor were creams she had to apply by hand and they were messy. Very happy that she has found some relief from her issue, even if just little bits at a time.

  6. Elisabeth P

    Gave this as a gift to my Mother who has knee pain. She has had shots and medication from a doctor that just doesn’t take away the constant pain. Cryofreeze cuts her pain in half for hours at a time so at least she can walk around stores. This is the most relief she has had in years!

  7. Fred L

    I had my doubts! But I was pleasantly surprised by the relief I got after one application of Cyrofreeze CBD roll on. I have tried other products that didn’t work. It didn’t get rid of my shoulder pain completely but brought it down to a much tolerable level. I would recommend Cyrofreeze CBD

  8. Lora W

    This really helps a rancher get through the night when the aches and pains are a bit much ( lower back, neck, and shoulder).. We’ve suggested this item to friends and family who are in love with it too.

  9. Stephanie I

    I sit at a desk all day so my neck and shoulders are always stiff. I’ve been rolling this on my neck for the past couple of nights and I’m amazed at how much better I feel already.

  10. Heather Redding

    I purchased the roll on & feel immediate relief when I apply it on my neck & shoulders. Will definitely be purchasing it again.

  11. Jesse King

    So I’ve been working out straight for the past 8 months and I also do manual labor with my dads company and this product helps keep me moving and relaxed! Love the product

  12. Tuwan Harrington

  13. Jean Naughton

  14. Kevin Kinney

  15. Timothy Barges

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