DeltaExtrax Lights Out Collection 2500mg THCh THCjd Gummies Root Beer Float

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From the Vendor: Our Root Beer Float THCh THCjd Gummies 2500mg are Hemp-derived at 125mg of a THC blend per gummy. There are 20 THCh THCjd gummy pieces per jar for a total of 2,500mg.

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From the Vendor: Our Root Beer Float THCh THCjd Gummies 2500mg are Hemp-derived at 125mg of a THC blend per gummy. There are 20 THCh THCjd gummy pieces per jar for a total of 2,500mg.

The palate-pleasing taste of a Root Beer Float is infused into our delicious 2,500mg gummies. What this means is you get the sweet foamy flavor of a creamy vanilla Root Beer Float along with a psychoactive experience like none other.
We’ve turned off the lights and combined some well known + unknown cannabinoids in this one of a kind collection. You’ll find a steady blend of: Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC. There’s no other blend of cannabinoids like this out there! Turn off the lights, pop a gummy, and enjoy the ride. Also, the potency of these gummies is nothing to play with. This is something that you’re going to have to experience for yourself!

What is THCh?
The THCh cannabinoid stands for Tetrahydrocannabihexol and is said to be 10 times more potent than THC. This is a natural, but rare occurring cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant. However, one important thing to note is that your body might not have a tolerance to THCh; therefore, it might present itself to you as a brand new type of high. This cannabinoid is very potent and has a unique entourage effect when combined with other cannabinoids. We recommend starting off slow when taking anything with THCh in it.

What is THCjd?
Another rare but natural occurring cannabinoid is Tetrahydrocannabioctyl (THCjd). The 3 “major” cannabinoids are CBD, CBG, and THC which have 5-carbon sidechains. However, THCjd has 8-carbon sidechains which makes it up to 19 times more potent than THC. Also, THCjd is considered to be a “minor” cannabinoid just like THCh; more “minor” cannabinoids are starting to emerge with longer carbon sidechains which creates more potent products.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Modified Potato Starch, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Pectin, Calcium Lactate, Tartaric Acid, Modified Corn Starch, Sodium Citrate, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Titanium Dioxide, Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5.

16 reviews for DeltaExtrax Lights Out Collection 2500mg THCh THCjd Gummies Root Beer Float

  1. Pattie M.

    These taste soooo good! They pack a bit of a punch though, so you may want to start off with half a gummy to see how it hits you.
    Succeeded in relaxing me though! LOL

  2. Debbie F.

    These gummies work so we’ll. They are better than real thc products.

  3. Carla F.

    Tastes great! Would recommend to a friend. Very happy with the quality of this product.

  4. Christine B.

    For me, Root Beer Float keeps rocking! Flavor is good; there is a hint of root beer. Overall, these are my fav. The effects are fanstatic!

  5. Holly M.

    I love these gummies!! The lights out collection are my favorite. Root Beer Float is not my favorite flavor but the texture of these gummies are great, not too sweet but very effective. I take one or two at a time and then enjoy the ride. This company is my go to for ordering all of my treats!

  6. Tarika D.

    Perfect for a good nights sleep. You’ll get a restful sleep without feeling like you have a hangover the next morning!

  7. Dawn G.

    Keeps me mellow and relaxed. Great product!

  8. Allison C.

    Incredibly strong and gives a great high! Unfortunately, it gave me a bit of a headache after it wore off, but it was worth it to me.

  9. Jason I.

    These gummies taste pretty good and really pack a punch. One usually does it for me. After an hour, you can feel it kick in and the happy vibes last for quite a long time – usually 4 to 6 hours. If it’s your first time trying these, start with half and see how your body reacts. For some, half is more than enough for pain relief and mood balancing.

  10. Roxanne C.

    Slow to start but such a nice mellow ride. I only took a half a gummy. A friend took a whole one and was totaled for hours. He felt like he was too high. I’ll stick with my half. Taste is delicious as well. All around very satisfied with my purchase.

    • admin

      Dosing is EVERYthing. Start low and slow before away you go! 🙂

  11. Nelson S.

    Very effective. 125mg dosing works great.These are awesome for pain relief. I generally take one in the evening before bed, and one when I get up. Helps very much with my overall discomfort from joint arthritis. It is also not an OTC drug with chemicals. Another benefit is the lightened mood. I could always use that. Looking forward to trying the other two flavors.

  12. Jason M.

    Went in blind not knowing what to expect. The smell is very fragrant, smelling like butter and root beer. The taste was extremely sweet and a clear cannabis flavor was present. I took two while my brother took one, after an hour we were both knocked out lol. The effects after tolerance were nice, but I did notice my tolerance skyrocket so keep that in mind. 9/10 would recommend.

  13. Ronald S.

    They are delicious they taste exactly like rootbeer the effects are very nice

  14. Brenda N.

    These rootbeer float gummies taste incredible. Great pain relief and beyond when I use these. Consistency of melting in ur mouth and tasting awesome. Within about 45 minutes. I get a great buzz and am able to complete projects and still focus. Lol..light-ly toasted

  15. Amanda M.

    Great gummies, loved the flavor, the effects kicks in within 1hr – 1 1/2 hr

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