Diamond CBD Female Libido Gummies with Delta 9

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From the Vendor: Craving a little buzz and a lot of relaxation? Look no further than our 55mg CBD, D9 Gummies by D9 THC. At 30 Smoothie Fruit-flavored gummies, these gummies are your perfect micro-dose for a laidback, light experience.


From the Vendor: Get hot and heavy with our deliciously sexy Female Libido Blend Gummies by D9 THC! At 30 gummies per jar, these erotic treats are all you need to give yourself— and your partner — the best time in the bedroom, including enhanced pleasure, elevated desire, sensual sensations, and an energy boost.

Each gummy contains:

500mg of our Proprietary Libido Blend for Her: Including ingredients like Maca Root, Horny Goatweed Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and 7 other sex-enhancing ingredients, this blend will help you enhance your libido, improve sexual arousal, and give you more satisfaction.

6mg of Delta 9: A little delta 9 goes a long way in this sexy blend. At 6mg, you won’t feel any anxiety about performing, and your head will be filled with waves of euphoria that make your sexy time all that more enjoyable.

With these delicious Raspberry-flavored arousal gummies, you can level up your bedroom game and show your partner the best time they’ve ever had. So pop two gummies, wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in, and get hot and steamy like never before!

1 review for Diamond CBD Female Libido Gummies with Delta 9

  1. Kerri C.

    I have been taking these for over a year. I have problems sleeping so I tried these and they worked perfectly!! I highly recommend them.

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