Green Roads 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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From the Vendor: Green Roads full-spectrum CBD oil is a holistic wellness experience. It’s made with a wide variety of beneficial compounds found in hemp plants, including up to 0.3% THC, the federally legal limit.

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From the Vendor: Green Roads full-spectrum CBD oil is a holistic wellness experience. It’s made with a wide variety of beneficial compounds found in hemp plants, including up to 0.3% THC, the federally legal limit. Using the included easy-to-use measuring tool, you can take 1ml servings that contain approximately 50mg of CBD, or simply control your own serving size to your liking. This mixture, formulated by our team of pharmacists, is made with MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and more supportive ingredients. Like all Green Roads products, this full-spectrum CBD oil is tested for purity and quality by an independent laboratory. You can review the results of this test by scanning the QR code on any package.

Ingredients: Active: Hemp Derived Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract. Other Ingredients: Glycerin, MCT oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, and Hemp Seed oil.

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28 reviews for Green Roads 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  1. Peter C.

    This oil is the best yet. Helps me relax and sleep very well.

  2. Virginia H.

    Great product,Really calms me and helps me sleep through the night!

  3. Richard C.

    You can expect to get what you pay for with this Product. I have bought and used Medical grade CBD with nowhere as good and experience. With this CBD product you will FEEL the difference. I especially enjoy the Hypodermic dispensing system they provide. Use it or the tincture dispenser. your choice. not the least expensive out there but if you are going to spend good money, then spend a little more and Feel the relief you are looking for and not just the satisfaction of a price deal. Again, i’ve tried many others and keep coming back for this. I choose the strongest blend and the largest size because it’s worth every penny. Taking .5ML once a day of the 50 mg/ml “mighty” product line. ENJOY!

  4. David L.

    Really do like this product and look forward to using it every morning. It helps me get through my exercise routines such as walking and biking. The exact dosage feature of the syringe is great, no waste and I love the taste!

  5. Shelly G.

    Whenever I need help taking that deep breath and relaxing, that’s when I grab my cbc oil. I use it at bed and whenever I’m having a complicated day. It’s gentle and helps me manage stress.

  6. Cliff M.

    I’m 64 and have had insomnia all my life. I take 1 dose full spectrum 1500mg every night and about 1 hour after I take it I’m off to bed. I don’t wake up, but I don’t feel any drugged feelings. Wake up no groggy at all.

  7. james f.

    it calms down very well, also helps me sleep and helps with my frequent bathroom issues.

  8. Suzanne E.

    I have a medical condition that affects my sleep and the 1500 mg CBD oil really helps me to relax and get to sleep.

  9. Alisa N.

    I started taking the full spectrum CBD Oil and then about a week later I was in a stressful situation and realized I was calm and not having the anxiety I would usually have had. Will be ordering more

  10. Kordelle L.

    This product actually works you have to take it in Moderation cuz it’s strong but it’s a great buy especially if you have anxiety or trying to calm your nerves and a daily basis because of a stressful job or environment etc but don’t overdose cuz it can make you drowsy.

  11. Woodrow L.

    It has been great for my hands My knuckles swell badly during damp cold weather this oil has almost completely eliminated the swelling when used 2 or 3 times each week

  12. Joy J.

    Best CBD oil I’ve used. Best CBD oil I’ve used. Would definitely recommend.

  13. Rosemarie K.

    Awsome. It relaxes me after a long day of work ad helps me to sleep better at night. I would highly reccomend this.

  14. Sarah

    I have tried several full spectrum oils from different brands, but this is by far the best one. Just one small amount and the chill-out effect kicks in soon after. I prefer to take this in the late evening when I want to be the most relaxed and when I take it close to bedtime, it most certainly ensures an easy time falling asleep. Taste is good too. Highly recommend, and I will be getting more.

  15. Michael S.

    Great product!! It’s legit! My wife and I benefit from this product daily. Simple and effective.

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