Green Roads 20mg CBD + 10mg Delta 9 THC Relax Gummies Peach-Berry

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From the Vendor: Bite into a euphoric combination of THC and CBD with Green Roads’ Relax Gummies. They’re the ultimate formula for relaxation when you’re off-the-clock.


From the Vendor: Bite into a euphoric combination of THC and CBD with Green Roads’ Relax Gummies. They’re the ultimate formula for relaxation. Each Peach-Berry gummy has 10mg THC — perfect to take after hours and let your daily stresses melt away.

Please note, THC gummies are for Adults 21+, and may cause feelings of intoxication and impairment. Please use responsibly.
Our Peach-Berry flavor has an amazingly delicious, fruity taste that contains zero artificial colors or flavoring.
Each double-strength gummy includes 10mg Delta-9 THC + 20mg CBD, all derived from American-grown hemp.
Relax Gummies are precision-formulated by our in-house pharmacists, and manufactured to ensure a consistent ratio of THC to CBD (unlike similar gummies on the market).

15 reviews for Green Roads 20mg CBD + 10mg Delta 9 THC Relax Gummies Peach-Berry

  1. Karen R.

    I was amazed on how the Delta-9 gummies have the EXTRA oomph compared to the other gummies. I slept through the night and no next day loopy feeling. I was very relaxed. Next time I will cut a gummy in half to see how the effects differ.

  2. Joette K.

    I had been using the 5 mg version of this and loved them, so of course I decided to try the 10 mg product. Since I generally use this at night to have a GREAT night’s sleep, I found the stronger product too much for that use. It’s perfect for me to use earlier in the day in a social setting, where I can enjoy the effects.

  3. Curt B.

    I think they are pretty darn good. I use to get the Relax Gummies in a lower dose but thought I would try these. When I take one, I nod off pretty quickly and sleep through the night. I like them enough I purchased another container already and will probably get a couple more to carry me thru the hot summer months when gummies don’t transport so well.

  4. Gisele R.

    Have been taking for about 2 weeks. So far am more relaxed and sleep better. Having had insomia for quite some time, these gummies are helping with quality of sleep.

  5. Donna H.

    These relax gummies work amazingly to give me and my husband a nice relaxing evening and they definitely assist with falling asleep super fast. They also taste really good!. Several months ago we tried a sample pack from another site and not one of those gummies was as tasty as the ones from Green Roads!

  6. Rachael R.

    Love the relaxing feeling I get! One gummy a night helps me wind down and rest well!

  7. Linda J.

    Helps with pain so sleep is more comfortable.

  8. Rodney C.

    Great product, I take it daily to relax and help me fall asleep. I wake up refresh every morning. Love the taste I highly recommend

  9. Hal K.

    I have been taking at bedtime and helps with sleep. I have tried other CBD products and this works better.

  10. Helen G.

    I love it. After many years of being unable to fall to sleep, I now fall a sleep easily. Thank you!

  11. Dan O.

    1 dose about an hour before I turn in … sets me up for a great sleep. I’m relaxed and ready to drift away in dreamland.

  12. Joseph S.

    Tastes great. Even strength. Helps at night to sleep and feels great.

  13. JoAnn W.

    They make me relax and that is good. I do not like the taste at all, I eat something after taking it. I only use a half of one at a time.

  14. JA

    I was presently surprised at how mellow of a head I had. It wasn’t overpowering and I even forgot I took it. Very mild and did the job. For that, I endorse.

  15. Laura B.

    This gummy is AMAZING. And DELICIOUS. In fact, it’s AMAZINGLY-DELICOUS! I had a really stressful day at work, but once I was home I popped one of these gummies. Before long I could feel the stress from the day leaving my body and I just felt sooo relaxed. Thank you Green Roads for adding THC to your lineup. I was a fan before, but now I’m obsessed!

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