Green Roads 25mg Sleepy Zs CBD + CBN Gummies

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From the Vendor: Experience the combined power of melatonin and CBD with these delicious blackberry-flavored Sleepy Zs gummies from Green Roads.

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From the Vendor: NOW WITH CBN! Great sleep can have a wonderful impact on your whole day, and now you can rest easy with Green Roads’ Sleepy Zs. Experience the combined power of melatonin and CBD with these delicious blackberry-flavored Sleepy Zs gummies from Green Roads. Melatonin is part of your natural sleep cycle and CBD helps support your body’s natural stress response. Together they can help you snooze more soundly!

It supports one of the most crucial aspects of your health: sleep
It has a delicious blackberry flavor
It has 5mg melatonin & 25mg of CBD/CBN per gummy
It’s the perfect addition to your evening routine

74 reviews for Green Roads 25mg Sleepy Zs CBD + CBN Gummies

  1. Brenda B.

    I think I need a little stronger as I still have problems relaxing enough to sleep!

  2. Carla H.

    I love this product! It helps me sleep through my husbands snoring & I don’t feel groggy when I get up! Thank you Green roads!

  3. Greg J.

    I use them every night. I’ve recommended them to friends who have difficulty sleeping

  4. Elise B.

    love these gummies. Very effective to help itch sleep. The new formula is great.

  5. Rose

    Does the same as prescription medication without the cost and natural

  6. Janet G.

    Only thing that really helps me sleep – and I’ve tried many. Love it!

  7. Jonathan

    I have endured 8 back surgeries in the past 10 years. I cannot take prescription sleep aids because of side effects and I rarely got more than 2 hours of sleep a night without waking up with pain. That changed. I tried everything I could find to help me rest and sleep, including other brands of CBD products, with no results. I found the Sleepy Z’s gummies and decided to give them a try. I was extremely doubtful they would work but I had nothing to lose. I was amazed. They made me drowsy and when I finally fell asleep I stayed asleep for 4 hours! I recommend these without hesitation.

  8. Gregg P.

    This product has changed my poor sleep habits and helps me fall asleep and stay asleep all night!

  9. Lou W.

    I pop one every night and sleep longer and sounder than without. Love them.

  10. Elise B.

    They really help sleep. I like the new formula

  11. Cynthia L.

    Gentle falling asleep and deep sleeping. Morning awake rested. Thank you

  12. Jessica F.

    Fantastic natural sleep helper! I love that these gummies help me sleep yet don’t leave me feeling groggy at all. I wake up refreshed and they taste great!

  13. Dawn S.

    I was very skeptical and quickly learned I made the right decision. These have really helped and me getting decent sleep finally.

  14. Jade C.

    I really love these. They work fantastic to put me to sleep without making me feel groggy the next morning. I am definitely going to purchase them again. They are the best brand of CBD I’ve tried so far and I’ve had gone thru many different ones. It’s a relief to find one that works well. The flavor is good. It’s a combo of sweetness and berry. 10/10

  15. Claudia T.

    I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep but hate taking pure melatonin because it gives me nightmares but these help me ease into sleep and I don’t wake up feeling tired or groggy and best of all no nightmares!

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