Green Roads 7mg CBD Drops for Medium Dogs

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From the Vendor: This 30ml bottle gives you a way to support your medium-sized dog (15-50 pounds) through stressful moments like long car rides, thunderstorms, or trips to the vet.

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From the Vendor: Green Roads’ CBD drops for medium dogs are made with hemp seed oil and hemp-derived cannabinoid extract grown on American farms. Each 1ml serving of this hemp oil for dogs delivers 7mg of CBD. This 30ml bottle gives you a way to support your medium-sized dog (15-50 pounds) through stressful moments like long car rides, thunderstorms, or trips to the vet. Our medium dog CBD drops are also a great way to add additional support to the troubles that creep up on dogs in their later years. Green Roads brings the same care to our pet line as we do to our CBD products for people.

Like all other Green Roads products, our CBD oil for dogs is sent out to third-party labs for testing before they become available online or at your local retail store. All lab sheets are readily available to you via a QR code that you can find on all of Green Roads packaging.

Return the love and support you get from your pets!
MCT oil base – easy for pets to digest
Includes easy and accurate measuring system
Ideal concentration for medium dogs

Ingredients: MCT Oil ( Fractionated Coconut Oil),, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract

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10 reviews for Green Roads 7mg CBD Drops for Medium Dogs

  1. Donna G.

    I needed something for my dogs. 1 has anxiety and the other one is getting dementia. They are both 13 years old. Giving some of this cbd oil, has help them relax. I’m happy I found green roads who help with my pets.

  2. Ana

    The life of my 14 year old french poodle has improved a lot!! She has CHF and seizures and she has been on treatment for almost a year but we were thinking of increasing the doses because she was asleep for almost the whole day, didn´t have a lot of energy and the cough had increased again. Since day 1 giving her cbd she has had a lot of energy, wants to go for walks everyday, eats more than she used to and runs in the house!! Definitely consider buying for your dog!!

  3. Penelope A.

    This is the second bottle I’ve ordered and seems to be the helping our 14-year old dog. Her age is catching up with her.

  4. Charlene K.

    Helped my dog with his stiff joints

  5. Deborah S.

    My big dog is terrified of storms, fireworks, strong winds. Don’t know what made her this way as she is a rescue, as all our pups have been. Prescription meds did nothing. CBD has allowed her to remain calm during her times of stress. It actually looks like she is smiling at me after I give her a dose! LOL Works great!

  6. Marsha O.

    I feel these are helping my 11 year old dog.

  7. Roxane G.

    While Sadie has only been taking the CBD for about a week, she really seems to enjoy it. She has intervertebral disc disease, and I hope the CBD helps with her condition.

  8. Danyel B.

    This product didn’t work for us. My dog has huge separation anxiety and is on Rx medication for it. We thought this might help for those final hours before her next round of meds. Sadly it caused her to be more anxious we believe this was due to the medication and not this product. I do advise mixing it on your dogs food vs giving it straight to them.

  9. Amanda M.

    It’s been a little less than a month that my 15-year-old doggie has been taking these drops. I think we’re really going to like this addition to her routine! Seems to be helping her so I’ll probably order another bottle.

  10. Marlene C.

    Seems a lot more powerful than another brand I tried. I actually cut the dose in half after I saw how my dog responded.

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