Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee French Vanilla

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From the Vendor: Experience delightful vanilla coffee supported by the soothing power of hemp in this unique blend.

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From the Vendor: Experience delightful vanilla coffee supported by the soothing power of hemp in this unique blend.

Unique profile of cannabinoids in every batch
We believe this is the most natural, effective CBD coffee experience
Enchanting vanilla flavor
For a calm mind, and energized body

Ingredients: Coffee, Hemp grown in the US

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12 reviews for Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee French Vanilla

  1. Elise B.

    What a great purchase. First time user and I love this product!

  2. Laura L.

    The perfect way to start my day! Love the smell and the way it gives we the extra boost of energy when I drink it! Makes me feel super good with an overall calm feeling

  3. Keri H.

    I love feeling so awake after drinking this coffee, they only thing I struggle with is the after taste.

  4. Samantha N.

    I love this coffee! Very mild with some sweetness, Great way to start my day off.

  5. jeff b.


  6. Veronica M.

    I love that it gives me a boost without being jittery. I feel awake but relaxed. This is my favorite flavor. I’ve invested in the sample packs to figure out if it was worth the investment (Because it does cost more than regular coffee) but it was well worth it.

  7. Chris V.

    Smooth and mild. Great aroma. The grounds were blended nicely. Great cup of coffee to wake up to!

  8. Vickie O.

    Great taste and not too strong no matter how much I use, never bitter

  9. Kathy H.

    I tried the sampler of 3 first. The vanilla is by far the best – smooth and tasty. The hazelnut is quite good for a hazelnut coffee, but not my favorite. The natural hemp one is good, but I think would take some getting used to. Pretty earthy (naturally!) I like it that all 3 of them are not decaffeinated, but I can drink it as thought it is. Three cups and no shakes!

  10. Angelina O.

    Smooth blend with a subtle vanilla taste. Great coffee aroma. Gives me some pep without that anxious jittery feeling. One of my favorites!

  11. Sylvia Z.

    Great fresh taste… start my day with vanilla coffee 👍🏽

  12. Brent M.

    I really like the flavor and balance of this coffee, not too acidic, but doesn’t seem to have as much CBD as their previous brand which is a bummer as this one costs more than the other one did. I haven’t yet made it through the bag but I’m thinking I’ll increase the amount of coffee to water to see if that helps. I like strong coffee so this shouRead more about review stating Good but not greatldn’t be a problem for me. I may also prefer higher amounts of CBD so this is purely subjective and may be just right for other people.

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