Happy Kava Brand Micronized Powder

From the Vendor: It’s well-known for helping with minor aches and pains, as well as a great “chill out” and “wind down” Kava that can combat bouts of insomnia.

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From the Vendor: This is another breakthrough product in the Kava Marketplace; Micronized Instant Kava Mix [PREMIUM]. It’s the strongest, lateral root rich Kava we have seen in an instant Kava. If you’re looking for some kick from your Kava, this is the easiest, tidiest instant mix we offer.

Made from a Noble Variety of Kava, this is beyond a simply micronized Kava. Like our Easy Strain, this instant mix has had 95% of the rough root material removed, automatically concentrating the Kava, and making it blend well and stay suspended in water.


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