iDelta8 Diamond 1500mg Delta-8 THC Oil (13 Flavors)

From the Vendor: It’s the only tincture formula from iDelta8 to contain no CBD, allowing you to get a bolder delta 8 experience.


From the Vendor: Ready to dive headfirst into the world of delta 8 THC? If so, look no further than experiencing what an iDelta8 Diamond Tincture has to offer. It’s the only tincture formula from iDelta8 to contain no CBD, allowing you to get a bolder delta 8 experience. Available in a generous variety of strains and flavors, this 1500mg tincture ensures that each dropper full gives you a powerful dose of this unique, mildly psychoactive cannabinoid, while the formula boasts clean ingredients that are gentle on the body and great for daily use. Has been third-party tested and contains delta-8 derived from carefully sourced industrial hemp.

iDelta8’s Diamond Tinctureis the ultimate tincture formula for anyone who is ready to experience delta 8 THC without any cannabidiol to take the edge off. This formula is great for daily use, as a single dropper’s worth under the tongue can provide you with the full spectrum of effects for which this fascinating cannabinoid is known.

A Potent Dose of Delta 8 THC for Advanced Users
The Diamond formula from iDelta8 was developed specifically for more advanced delta 8 THC users who do not want CBD to get in the way of the more prominent properties that this cannabinoid has to offer. While the Silver and Gold formulas from iDelta8 balance out delta 8’s effects with cannabidiol, this formula lets you experience delta 8’s mild intoxicating effects in a stronger way.

If you like variety, you’ll love that this iDelta8 Gold Tincture comes in a rich array of flavors and strains.

Chocolate: A rich and smooth chocolate flavor sensation that never fails to hit the spot.
Berries: Fresh berries with bright, sweet and tangy juices.
Peppermint: Soothing peppermint that tastes like freshly picked mint leaves.
Natural: The clean, natural taste of hemp in all of its terpene-rich glory.
Orange: Fresh, juicy oranges to satisfy your citrus cravings.
Lemon: Bright, zesty lemon that refreshes the palate and wakes up the taste buds.

Blackberry Kush (Indica): Soothing indica strain with a rich blackberry flavor.
Blue Dream (Sativa): An invigorating sativa strain with a prominent blueberry note.
Pineapple Express (Sativa): A bold, exhilarating sativa with a tropical flavor profile.
Skywalker (Hybrid): This indica-dominant hybrid has a unique citrusy, peppery flavor.
Northern Lights (Indica): Great nighttime strain that has a sweet and spicy taste.
White Recluse (Hybrid): Perfect 50/50 hybrid that’s great for any time of day.

Filler-Free, Plant-Based Formula
iDelta8’s tinctures are known for being some of the cleanest that are available on the market. Each tincture is totally free of fillers, additives and other unnecessary and/or synthetic ingredients, instead relying on the power of plants to do the work. Each tincture contains only hemp extract and MCT oil, which is a derivative of coconut oil that is known for being gentle on the body’s gut.

50mg Per Dose
An iDelta Diamond Tincture contains 1500 milligrams of hemp extract per 30ml bottle, which comes out to 50 milligrams per dose.

Lab-Tested for Quality
Each batch of hemp extract produced by iDelta8 has been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that the quality and potency levels meet industry standards. The lab reports are made available to customers so that they can verify that they are getting some of the finest delta 8 on the market.

Silver: Tailored for beginners, containing a 2:1 CBD to delta-8 THC ratio, with cannabidiol’s effects offering balance to the stronger properties of the THC cannabinoid.
Gold: Offers a 1:1 ratio for a more balanced experience, ideal for experienced users who want a little bit of cannabidiol along with their delta-8.
Diamond: Contains pure delta-8 extract, for those who are ready to take a deep dive into its psychoactive capabilities.

This is sublingual ONLY. DO NOT VAPE.


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