Just CBD 250mg CBD Relief Cream

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From the Vendor: Zap redness, irritation and pain before it spreads with our best-selling cream in its most potent formula.

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From the Vendor: Zap redness, irritation and pain before it spreads with our best-selling cream in its most potent formula. Potent plant power’s the name of the game with this concentrated blend, using ingredients that come together to create a truly soothing solution. Members of the mix include aloe vera, witch hazel, coconut oil, and vegetable-based glycerin. And for the coup de gras, CBD pain relief cream 250mg, 500,1 000 mg of hemp-derived CBD works as the #1 ingredient to penetrate the dermal skin layer and reach CB2 the receptors in your muscles. Our customers love this CBD cream because they say it’s fast-acting for minor joint pain and muscle soreness, and that it absorbs quickly and easily; no strong scent, and no greasy residue. And since this formula’s free of fragrance or irritating ingredients, this CBD cream is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

10 reviews for Just CBD 250mg CBD Relief Cream

  1. Mary B.

    I absolutely love this product! I wake up with sinus headaches quite often and instead of taking medicine internally, I get relief by simply massaging it on my forehead and temples. My husband and I use it for arthritis pain as well. I make sure my supply doesn’t run out and have shared the benefits with many relatives and friends.

  2. Carl H.

    CBD Relief Cream works great on my arthritis and everyday aches and pains. I highly recommend it.

  3. Allen J.

    The relief helps with the arthritis in my hands use it every night before I go to bed

  4. Kelly P.

    This cream works very well and eases the pain in my legs every time I need to use it. They cramp something awful especially at night. A lot of the time the pain will awaken me from a sound sleep. Then I’m up the rest of the night. The cream does work quickly to ease my pain but once awake, I’m awake. The only bad side of this cream is the smell. I can’t abide the menthol in it even though it’s not real strong. I can’t wear it to church or shopping or be with friends because of the smell. I didn’t see the menthol on the ingredient list though I did see it listed on most of the other products. And the price of the cream is very reasonable compared to most of the other sellers of CBD. I will buy again even with the smell because it really helps my pain. Perhaps you would consider adding a line of CBD without the menthol? ; )

  5. Cari J.

    YES. I had heard of using a cbd cream, but never realized it could be so helpful. I had a pinched nerve, and this cream eased the pain greatly. Using it at night helped me sleep a lot better.

  6. Debbie W.

    Very helpful – I use this on my feet due to Neuropathy – it gives me 4 to 5 hrs of relief during the night

  7. Zenvito Z.

    This lotion provides the relief as desired and has good viscosity.

  8. Kevin A.

    Great product! No to little smell, but wonderful relief.

  9. Laura L.

    Has helped my mom’s knees. When I rubbed het knees I had almost instant relief in my hands.

  10. Amanda S.

    Works great on my daughter’s sore ankles after Softball

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