Just CBD 30mg CBD + 8mg Delta 9 THC Sour Cola Gummies

(23 customer reviews)

From the Vendor: Just CBD 30mg CBD + 8mg Delta 9 THC Sour Cola Gummies


From the Vendor: Just CBD 30mg CBD + 8mg Delta 9 THC Sour Cola Gummies

23 reviews for Just CBD 30mg CBD + 8mg Delta 9 THC Sour Cola Gummies

  1. Linda M.

    I was a little skeptical before I tried this product. I have been stressed the last few months and my body aches were getting worse by the day. I have taken regular CBD oils in the past from different sellers and did not receive the relief that was promised. I saw these on special and decided to try. Boy was I surprised. Slept great and the pain was minimized a lot. It didn’t totally remove my pain but by being able to sleep as soundly as I did it gave my body a much needed rest to heal itself. Will definitely be adding this to my regimen.

  2. Jameca J.

    I have insomnia. And prescription sleeping pills don’t work any more. But 2 gummies help me sleep

  3. Randy L.

    I get complete pleasure from this product . I’ve had several spine surgeries with fusion and titanium rods and screws installed . These gummies helps me relax and not groggy . Sleep is better too . Thanks for offering a great product .

  4. Tonya T.

    I really like these gummy’s!! They definitely relax you. The aftertaste is ok but worth it!! I like the autoship too.

  5. Heather L.

    So, I have been sampling THC gummies from different sites and shops for a while now. These kick others asses hands down and it’s not even close! I gain nothing by saying that. It’s 100% true. These have a great favor and texture. For me a forth in the am gets me focused on my daily tasks. Half to whole piece is great when I don’t have any plans and just want to couch sink and relax. I have become a bit of a THC evangelist because it has been so helpful for me. I have convinced my very skeptical mother and mother in law to try these for joint pain relief. Both are amazed by how much this helps them. I’m not a medical professional- just sharing their experience. If you’re looking for a strong gummy – you’ve come to the right place!

  6. Dina M.

    It works great but the taste could be better

  7. Andrew P.

    Dose is perfect when I take two. Flavor could be better. I’m good with the flavor. My lady isn’t the greatest fan. I will absolutely order again. Also, customer service is amazing. Thank you.

  8. Jacqulyn B.

    I just started consuming these, so I’m still trying to find the right amount to sleep, so I can reduce my need of prescribed sleep meds. I like that their not as sugary, sweet and chewy as the regular ones.

  9. Joseph B.

    these are the only gummies that help me sleep and keep my arthritis. at bay. All the relief that i would get from big pharma ,I can get naturally.

  10. Melissa C.

    I love them a lot. They help me so much.

  11. Scott F.

    Finally found a product that works for me. Perfect dosage, great taste and none of that aftertaste like most CBD gummies have. The best part is that I don’t even have to leave home. It’s shipped right to my door!

  12. Lorra D.

    I love this product. I took off a star because of the aftertaste. Wish it didn’t linger so long. I recommend taking one (or more) on a full stomach .

  13. Lori J.

    The dosing of these is very effective. They pretty much eliminate my body aches and pains and help me sleep at night. Unfortunately the sour coating is absolutely disgusting. Once you get that off the cola flavor is delicious! Would be five stars but the coating really is horrible.

  14. David M.

    Great taste, helps me sleep and a very good value. You can trust Just Cdb for a quality product.

  15. Coletta W.

    I love regular cola gummies from Haribo so I had high expectations. These did not measure up….THEY ARE BETTER…hahaha got cha LOL

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