Just CBD CBD Gummies for Sleep

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From the Vendor: Mixing potent CBD oil with melatonin, they will have you asleep in no time. Then you can enjoy quality shut-eye through the night and wake up feeling completely refreshed.

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From the Vendor: Powerful Just CBD Gummies for Sleep are a tasty and effective way to put your mind and body at ease. Mixing potent CBD oil with melatonin, they will have you asleep in no time. Then you can enjoy quality shut-eye through the night and wake up feeling completely refreshed. Not only do the top CBD gummy bears come in a variety of colors, they taste like delicious candy. A buyer can get ahold of a 1000mg container of CBD gummy bears for sleep, along with potent 3000mg jar. Either way, waking up feeling energized can be a cinch. All you need is the best CBD Gummies for Sleep.

91 reviews for Just CBD CBD Gummies for Sleep

  1. Ashley S.

    I get the best nights sleep after taking these! I take two before bed and I wake up so refreshed!

  2. melissa L.

    From someone who has always had trouble keeping but staying a sleep. When I take these I feel rested, with no lingering dragging effects and they taste so good! Get them. I now sleep all night and am vibrant in the mornings!

  3. Tammy M.

    This is awesome. It not only helps my daughter to sleep better. It also helps my grandson with his temperament. I am defiantly going to buy this product agian.

  4. Amy L.

    This product works fabulously. Being menopausal and not being able to sleep has been difficult. But now sleep is greatly improved. Thanks Just CBD!!!

  5. Wade B.

    These have helped me get a full nights sleep. I usually wake up a lot and these have helped with the problem by helping me relax. They also taste great.

  6. Corey K.

    I’ve never heard of these until my sister bought me some for my birthday back in March and ever since then I absolutely love them! I work 11 hours a day and I would come home at times and it would take me hours to wind down and get ready for bed. Not now I just chew a couple of those tasty lil gummy bears and within 30-45mins I’m relaxed and slowly closing my eyes! Highly recommend and have recommended to friends and family.

  7. Maria R.

    I thought the taste was great, they relaxed me and I was able to fall asleep. If I woke up, I was able able to get back to sleep. Didn’t wake up groggy in the morning. Highly recommend.

  8. Hannah C.

    Love these gummies!! I take 2-3 before I go to bed and I sleep so good! The gummy bears literally taste amazing! I would eat the whole container if they didn’t have the CBD and melatonin in them!

  9. Dan W.

    My wife loves all the CBD products from y’all. We have tried the regular gummies, the sleep gummies and the Valentine’s Day hearts. She also loves the cbd roll on. Great product at great prices.

  10. Carla W.

    I used to take meds for restless legs. I started taking CBD awhile back and I’m off the meds.

  11. Ananda N.

    I use these almost every night. They’ve worked better than anything else I’ve tried, including prescriptions. With straight melatonin I could take 10mg and feel nothing, bring trapped awake for hours. This is only one gummy and I am out within the hour. I love it.

  12. Carol H.

    Great taste, helps me feel relaxed so I can fall sleep. Just 1 a night is very effective.

  13. Sean R.

    Just a few puts me to sleep feeling the effects quickly. They taste great.

  14. Alison D.

    Helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. Less sugar that the peach rings I used to take before going to bed and the melatonin is a great addition. Liked the sale price too!

  15. Caitlyn T.

    Love these. Taste great! I take them about 30 mins before I want to go to bed and they help me fall asleep by relieving my anxiety and stress

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