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From the Vendor: Mixing potent CBD oil with melatonin, they will have you asleep in no time. Then you can enjoy quality shut-eye through the night and wake up feeling completely refreshed.

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From the Vendor: Powerful Just CBD Gummies for Sleep are a tasty and effective way to put your mind and body at ease. Mixing potent CBD oil with melatonin, they will have you asleep in no time. Then you can enjoy quality shut-eye through the night and wake up feeling completely refreshed. Not only do the top CBD gummy bears come in a variety of colors, they taste like delicious candy. A buyer can get ahold of a 1000mg container of CBD gummy bears for sleep, along with potent 3000mg jar. Either way, waking up feeling energized can be a cinch. All you need is the best CBD Gummies for Sleep.

137 reviews for Just CBD CBD Gummies for Sleep

  1. Kahealani K.

    I just took a gummy lastnight and within a hour I was out like a light bulb 💡 haha.. Super yummy and it really works..happy I purchased them because they really help..sometimes my mind is racing when I’m laying down to go bed..but this gummy relaxed me

  2. Courtney D.

    I got these for my mom and they have massively improved her quality of sleep and thus quality of life. She felt a difference with just one gummy in the evening and will take 2 instead if she is particular wound up or stressed. We now have a subscription (which also saves a lot of money)

  3. Karl D.

    I’m still experimenting with these…the amount per serving is different to what I’ve used in the past, but it has helped with my sleep, for sure. I suspect I need to take them earlier before bed rather than just as I’m getting ready to fall asleep. For me the melatonin helps me fall asleep, but the CBD helps to keep me asleep and minimizes melatonin nightmares, which occasionally happen to me.

  4. Pamela W.

    I’ve had trouble with persistent insomnia since forever! These CBD for sleep gummies had me falling asleep & staying asleep from the very first night! I’ll be ordering these plus more CBD gummy products from JUSTCBD right now!

  5. JOANNE V.

    This is the first product that actually worked for me. I fall asleep in about 15 minutes and stay asleep. When I wake up, I don’t feel a bit groggy. Love them!

  6. Jenny F.

    The taste of each gummy is unique and delightful considering there is CBD in it. Also can agree it 100% gets the job done and restful sleep does kick in. Waking up rested is the best part of this.

  7. Damone T.

    I love these gummies, I like to wait a few days while working hard and going to school then take two gummies it’s the best sleep I’ve had in years.

  8. Donna C.

    Definitely helps with sleeping, and a taste of the gummy’s are good. I will purchase these gummy‘s again.

  9. Shirley B.

    Will never go without these again! Work wonders for nagging coughs!

  10. Paul J.

    Took about an hour to kick in but it definitely made me really relaxed and put me to sleep all night I woke up the next morning felt pretty good like I got a good night’s sleep

  11. sophia H.

    I take the recommended amount and sleep like a baby. The taste is amazing. I’ll definitely purchase again.

  12. Amy G.

    They taste good and work great! They give me a deep sleep! I take them every night!

  13. Pamella S.

    Love theses so much, they made a difference when I take them before bed. I definitely recommend these and they taste good.

  14. Clare N.

    My husband has severe, chronic back pain and neurological pain. He takes CBD gummies to supplement his prescription pain relief medication. He uses the CBD Gummies for Sleep at night, when the pain is worse and keeps him awake. These gummies taste great and they really work. I love this brand because they always ship quickly and arrive fresh.

  15. Tracie E.

    I have a rare sleep disorder and usually nothing helps me fall asleep quickly. I stumbled across these at a hole-in-the-wall shop in GA and decided to give them a try. Best decision ever! It used to take me 30-60 min to fall asleep, but by taking 3 about 45 min before bed I fall asleep in about 10-15 min. They taste great too. They worked so well that I looked them up here to get another one. 😊

    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Tracie! We absolutely LOVE these reviews that are real stories of people sharing how their lives have positively changed by one of the products on our Web site. So happy to hear you’re sleeping better!

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