Just CBD Gummies Strawberry Banana

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From the Vendor: Just CBD Gummies Strawberry Banana in 250mg or 1000mg sizes.

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From the Vendor: Just CBD Gummies Strawberry Banana in 250mg or 1000mg sizes.

18 reviews for Just CBD Gummies Strawberry Banana

  1. Chris S.

    When I need to relax in the evening or am feeling a bit anxious I’ll have a 25mg gummy which always does the trick to calm me down

  2. Barbara M.

    These are really good ! Been buying the rings for quite some time now, peach is my favorite, but I decided to try these. The taste is just as yummy and they help with my sleep just as well. I take 3 or 4 at bedtime and usually sleep straight through!

  3. Sharon S.

    The Just CBD is great. My husband and I both use it, and it has helped our arthritis. Thank you so much!

  4. Nicole M.

    I love these..they help me sleep..and ease some of the pain from fibromyalgia. The shipping is fast also

  5. Aubre C.

    These taste sooooo good I love the strawberry banana it’s the best flavor so far. Plus the big bottles have the best dose. I 1000 reccomend!

  6. Mary P.

    I have been using Just CBD products for a couple of years & have never been disappointed. The price is great & the gummies taste amazing. I’ve tried other brands but they can’t compare to Just CBD.

  7. Adam E.

    Fresher than any gummies I’ve ever bought anywhere and the taste is fantastic!

  8. Blessing C.

    It tasted really good. I had remind myself they are CBD gummies not regular sour gummies. I take one during work and I am very chill. As for sleep I usually have to take two.

  9. Amanda N.

    These taste great. These do not have a bad after taste and keep continuing to taste like strawberry and banana.

  10. Tiffany S.

    These are my new favorite flavor. It tastes natural just like a piece of candy.

  11. Jennifer B.

    I typically take one gummy in the morning, and they have really helped with my anxiety. I feel such a difference when I’m not taking them. And they taste amazing!! I have to stop myself from eating the whole jar!! I cannot recommend these gummies enough!

  12. Natalie B.

    It tastes amazing and it takes the edge out of my stress!

  13. Kenya S.

    These are great! They taste wonderful and the dose of CBD in them is perfect. This edition of rings receives a thumbs up.

  14. Becky B.

    Taste is amazing!! Just CBD, thanks to you I get a good nights sleep

  15. Leann D.

    Totally can taste banana and the strawberry! Love this one. Wish it wasn’t a limited time one!

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