Just CBD Pets CBD Infused Cat Treats Mixed Flavors

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From the Vendor: Struggling to give your cat her CBD will be a thing of the past with these treats–give the jar a few shakes and Fluffy will come running!

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From the Vendor: Has CBD been a tricky matter for your finicky feline? With these savory, crunchy CBD cat treats, you’ll be able to give your cat their CBD without the headaches! Besides hemp-derived cannabidiol, our CBD cat treats are made with essential vitamins and minerals including folic acid, biotin, vitamin K and riboflavin, and come in flavors that’ll leave your cat satisfied, like turkey, chicken, liver, and fish.

Struggling to give your cat her CBD will be a thing of the past with these treats–give the jar a few shakes and Fluffy will come running!

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD), Brown rice flour, chicken by-product meal, chicken, natural flavours, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), vitamins (vitamin a supplement, vitamin d supplement, vitamin e supplement, vitamin k supplement, thiamine, riboflavin supplement, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, vitamin b12 supplement, minerals (zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), potassium chloride.

23 reviews for Just CBD Pets CBD Infused Cat Treats Mixed Flavors

  1. Some I.

    Helped my cat calm down after stressful vet visits. Pretty effective for my cat although I may not use them often.

  2. Jennifer S.

    My cat eats these like treats! I give them to him for arthritis… I think they help!

  3. Vickie P.

    Cats prefer the chicken treats better than the mixed flavors. Tried on 5 cats in 2 households. Will reorder the chicken. Really glad to have the options.

  4. Azia G.

    My cat just isn’t as happy without these treats. She’s a 20 year old, 7.5 lb tortie and these are the only CBD treats she’ll eat. We really noticed an increase in her energy and mobility after adding these into her daily routine. Keep up the great product!

  5. Emma H.

    Both kitties love the chicken best! It’s a little bit of a softer crunch on their teeth. I’ve even got my sister’s cats hooked on them too!!

  6. Ken L.

    These have really helped my cat, Boomie, in his recovery from a leg injury. Thank you. Great shipping, too!

  7. Emory Z.

    They love them. And my old tabby seems to be able to move with a bit less stiffness. The kitten gets them too and we’ll watch the long term effect.

  8. Marissa H.

    Waited several weeks to post a review so I could see if these helped with my cat’s seizure frequency as much as CBD oil did, and ditto for my other cat’s anxiety. Thrilled to say they have! I tried CBD treats from cbdMD first, and both our cats were totally uninterested; neither would eat them even mixed with their favorite treats or kibble. One is picky, and the other is a foodie who eats most everything. The first time I gave our epileptic kitty these, his sister came running and both nearly had their faces in the jar. Both wolfed the treats down before I turned back to them from putting the jar away. Now, these guys get sick of most flavors of treats after a week or so. It’s been several, and they still come running from all corners of the house every day when they hear me opening the container. Giving my cats their medicine has never been so easy, and they’re enjoying treat time more than ever. Honestly a toss-up whether they’re more excited by these treats or catnip.

  9. Eric A.

    My cat like them and seem to help with her arthritis

  10. Charlotte N.

    I purchased these for the purpose of trying to my calm my kitty down enough to trim her nails. I may not have dosing down yet but that isn’t working. I was able to get her to calm down for a flea and pesticide treatment and she didn’t care that I gave that to her so that was an unexpected benefit. She does relax her muscles a lot just not enough to not tear me up when I attempt to cut her nails unfortunately. Now my kitty loves the treats. She inhales them. I’m giving a 50/50 rating due to the benefit of getting her flea treatment, but not her nails. The price is a bit much for them.

  11. Anne A.

    My three year old cat had behavioral issues—biting, constant meowing, just a mean cat. Now, after just two CBD treats a day, she’s loving and calm. She’s like a new cat! She’s more patient, and seems to be much happier. I like the idea of CBD—my vet wanted to try Prozac, but CBD was my choice instead. I’m so happy that I chose this product, and she loves the flavors.

  12. Katherine C.

    My cat loves these…he has anger issues( lol) and these calm him.

  13. Koco B.

    I think it has helped my 17 year old with mobility. I just wish I knew how much to give him. I will purchase again because there is an improvement.

  14. Amy

    My cat can be pretty picky but he definitely loves the cbd treats for cats… thank you!!!

  15. Alicia L.

    My cat loves these treats! It keeps his stomach settles and lets him tolorate food better, i will 100% order again!

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