Kalm with Kava Private Reserve Premium Noble Kava

From the Vendor: Our Private Reserve kavas will hit all three of these characteristics without issue. We know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

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From the Vendor: Kalm with Kava got its start by going to the Melanesian and Polynesian islands to find the best kava farmers in the world. We take pride in knowing that our farmers have been able to improve their lives and those around them through the kava we sell. These same farmers are known for cultivating unique, rarely exported kava that is normally reserved for those on the islands. Luckily, our relationships allow us to tap into these exclusive varieties of kava that can’t normally be found outside of kava producing nations.

Kalm with Kava’s Private Reserve bags are top shelf, incredible kavas that will be sure to please. Some kavas are known for their relaxant effect, while others for taste and texture. Our Private Reserve kavas will hit all three of these characteristics without issue. We know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Current Varieties:
Medium Grind Fijian Rabi (Nearly out of stock!) – Coming from a small, rocky island called Rabi off the coast of Vanua Levu, Rabi kava is known for being incredibly strong. So strong in fact, that locals like to mix Rabi kava with lower quality kavas to reduce it’s potency! Less than 5,000 people live on the island, making it one of the more difficult kavas to buy considering it’s difficulty of access and small population of kava farmers. This kava is certainly one to try.

Medium Grind Solomon Islands Temo (Nearly out of stock!) – If you’ve ever heard of the Solomon Islands quality of kava, you know it’s unsurpassed. Coming from the jungles of Malaita, this kava has clean peppery notes and is very light in color. One of our employees mentioned while bagging this up, “I think this one has the best smell of any I’ve worked with!” If that doesn’t explain the pleasant smell, taste, and quality of this product with the chemotype 423156, we don’t know what does! It’s pleasantly strong, light in taste, and sure to please. What more could you ask for?

Medium Grind Epi Kelai (Nearly out of stock!) – This kava almost needs no introduction. When the leading kava scientist of the world, Vincent Lebot, says it’s the “champagne of kava”, you don’t ask questions. Known for it’s smooth effects and easy drinking, Kelai is one of those kavas that has all of the great effects from a heady kava up front with a Vanuatu style sedation on the backend. We’re lucky to have this in stock.

Medium Grind Santo Laterals – This is for the kava purists who appreciate well aged roots. This blend has absolutely no kava stump, so the flavor is quite peppery and bitter with strong effects. With a 421635 chemotype and a 4.05 Kavain to Dihydrokavain ratio, this is a powerhouse of kavalactones ready for any night of the week (but especially on a Friday night).


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