Kats Botanicals 45% Extract Kratom Softgel Capsules

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From the Vendor: Softgel Capsules provide a fast-acting, long-lasting wellness boost that will enhance your workflow and daily activities.


From the Vendor: If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to take Kratom, check out our 45% Extract Softgel Capsules. These convenient capsules will help you recharge and refresh to avoid that dreaded midday crash. These gelcaps contain 45% pure Mitragynine, with 55% other alkaloids. This means that there are approximately 250mg of total alkaloids per package. Each gelcap will provide 22.5mg of pure Mitragynine!

Advantages of 45% Extract Softgel Capsules
Softgel Capsules provide a fast-acting, long-lasting wellness boost that will enhance your workflow and everyday activities. There is no bitter Kratom taste with Kats Softgel Capsules, and Kratom users love these easy-to-swallow capsules. Our Softgel Capsules are the result of disciplined testing and countless rounds of experimentation aimed at finding the ideal daytime Kratom blend.

Softgel Capsules are made using AKA/cGMP-certified facilities and equipment. This gives you confidence in knowing your Kratom is among the cleanest and purest available anywhere. Independent, third-party lab testing confirms the presence of active plant alkaloids, and all Kats Botanicals Softgel Capsules are backed by our 30-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

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18 reviews for Kats Botanicals 45% Extract Kratom Softgel Capsules

  1. Scott B.

    It’s nice that I can just pop it in my mouth and swallow. No mixing no taste. Awesome

  2. Cheryl G.

    I liked them so well I just ordered 5 more jars!!!😊👍

  3. Sandie P.

    Love the Softgel Extract capsules. They do work quickly and very well! Thank you for your continued work in finding even more ways to better enjoy your products. Also your delivery has been above par! Thank you!

  4. Joanette M.

    These are pretty fabulous for my physical issues. I’m trying different things so when I have my total knee replacement, I will be prepared. These are a great addition to my Kat’s stash box. ❤️

  5. Shannon P.

    These are perfect for that pick me up or you starting dose, so easy no fuss no mess! Great for relaxation and over all sense of wellbeing! Kats has done it once again!!!!!

  6. Sereatha G.

    Too busy to combine greens and whites (my combo) so grabbed a couple these babies until I was ready for next dose! They carried me through! Thank YOU!!!

  7. Elizabeth J.

    I like these for a special occasions when I need an extra boost. I will purchase again.

  8. Roger

    Very strong. I took one soft gel and was ready for a quick show to watch and than hit the pillow.

  9. Kittie V.

    I love these. A new favorite. These capsules really pack a punch. One in the morning carries me throughout the entire day. Great energy maintained all day

  10. Paul E.

    So far I have gotten 3 orders of the gel extract within a months time and I am glad I did. They provide a perfect start to my morning routine (along with a tropical mango gummy, Yum!) and gets me through an 8 hour work day easily. Now if I want a little extra pick me up or if I want to stay motivated taking a second one will do the trick. Also these were easy on my stomach as long as I had a little snack before or soon after taking it. And this last thing is not a con to the product but the cost vs quantity is a little lopsided coming in at $3.60 per capsule.

  11. Devin D.

    These are quite nice and convenient!….what I’ll do is cut a little off of my normal tea amout and take a soft gell along with it., for a little added boost!…iv also taken them in the evening and slept great!!

  12. Timothy B.

    This is the best Kratom that I have ever tried; bar none! I thought that 1 little gel cap couldn’t pack the punch that this one does, but boy was I wrong. I wanted a quicker-picker upper and this is it.

  13. Tina S.

    I took these with 3/4 of my regular dose of kratom and boy did it kick it up a notch! Definitely convenient when you need some extra get up and go!

  14. Sarah L.

    These capsules made me sick. I am a seasoned kratom user and have tried many extracts. None of them have ever made me feel the way these capsules did. Within about 90 minutes of taking one I was dizzy, had lack of balance and I was nauseated. I will not purchase them again.

  15. Brittney S.

    This alone did not have an effect on me whatsoever, but it did work well after a powder pack as an “in addition to”. It didn’t end up being too much, but just enough as a morning booster to get through my morning work and into the afternoon.

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