Kats Botanicals Cluster AF! Trainwreck Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Kickstart your day the way nature intended with the potent, powerful Trainwreck Kratom blend: Cluster AF!


From the Vendor: Find the natural boost and motivation your body craves with our take on Trainwreck Kratom: Cluster AF! Crafted using a variety of premium, potent Green Vein and White Vein Kratom, this blend is designed to be the perfect pair of power and potency. Offering a comprehensive profile of different Green and White Vein strains, each batch is unique. This combination offers a variety of different strains that result in a one-of-a-kind finished product that’s outta sight.

At Kats Botanicals, our passion is bringing you nothing but the best in all-natural, premium Kratom. From farm to front door, we take pride in overseeing every step of the process. We source directly from the home of high-quality Kratom, Southeast Asia, and package each batch into a premium product that’s designed to fit easily into any everyday wellness routine.

Our Trainwreck Kratom blend is the perfect pairing of Green and White Vein Kratom to support long-lasting motivation and well-being. Ideal for use during the day, Trainwreck Kratom provides a complete blend that’s designed to give you the top-tier motivation you need to tackle that to-do list.

9 reviews for Kats Botanicals Cluster AF! Trainwreck Kratom Powder

  1. BigTex

    Can’t honestly see what all the hype is on this blend. Had a slightly “old” (maybe it’s the green strain coming out) taste to it and was not any different that I could tell from just about any other green/white combo strain. Pricey for about the same experience. I’ll give it a 2nd go at some point, but given its higher price, I wasn’t blown away by the first go-round.

  2. Abraham M.

    Excellent quality. Potent. Very good anytime of day! This blend will give you a feeling of contentment!

  3. Steven D.

    This is a great product it works very well during the day give me energy makes you feel good and the quality is the best

  4. Anna

    I’m usually a “purist” when it comes to strains, but being a green and white person, I couldn’t pass this one up. I am SO happy I tried it – it is now a morning mainstay in my rotation, with a bright boost that kicks in quickly, then smooths out to a balanced but buoyant sense of wellbeing and motivation. Thank you again, Kats’, for another terrific product!

  5. Lutetia P.

    I absolutely love this blend. 🎉🥳 It is the perfect mix of energy and calm/well-being. I have had a lot of fun mixing it with some of my other favorite blends. It goes well with every single one I’ve tried. I highly recommend this blend.

  6. Tim

    I am normally a WMD guy and have been looking for a blend to rotate with. This fella here is amazing. I may like it more than my WMD as do not get irritated on the CAF. The energy, calming focus, and all around great feeling can’t be duplicated, for me or my wife. A quote from my wife yesterday “that tea must be magic..I have had more energy and havnt felt this good in a long time. I hope it’s not a limited edition!” Keep em coming Kats! You all rock!

  7. Yolanda

    Excellent, right on point. Energy with relaxation, no jitters. I will definitely continue with Cluster AF Trainwreck. A new fav for sure.Try it, you won’t be disappointed!! Very fast shipping also…thanks Kats!!!

  8. Stephanie M.

    I just received my order!! Fast as usual. What can I say ! Kats you have out did yourself. I get up 3:45 am for work. Start my mornings with Kats. I tried train wreck after being up for 12 hours. I can hone from work and tried my tea. Fantastic results, motivated and energized. I love this new product.

  9. Mark

    Just tried Cluster A/F. Wow.
    The energy buzz and the sweet well-being being sensation is just what you need before a day of dealing with deadlines and grumpy customers. Seriously, try this blend before a hectic day and experience the groovy sensations.

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