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From the Vendor: Achieve a centered state of being and elevate your presence with our Digital Buddha Kratom strain, a truly unique signature Kratom blend.

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From the Vendor: Achieve a centered state of being and elevate your presence with our Digital Buddha Kratom strain, a truly unique signature Kratom blend. To create this comforting, settling Kratom strain, we’ve blended together White Vein (50%), Red Vein (20%), and Green Vein (30%) Kratom sourced from the JongKong region of Indonesia. This ‘full spectrum’ blend gives you just the right amount of strain-specific effects that each of these Kratom categories are known for. With our Digital Buddha premium Kratom capsules, you don’t have to worry about what time of the day to take your serving or which strain to use for your morning routine or as a midday pick-me-up; this one strain does it all!

History of Digital Buddha Kratom
For hundreds of years, White, Red, and Green Vein Kratom have all been used either on their own or as ingredients in Kratom blends. We’re not necessarily the first company to combine them, but we think we’ve discovered the perfect ratio of each as part of a ‘comprehensive’ Kratom blend that is sure to satisfy. Digital Buddha Kratom capsules are born from the requests of our customers, Kratom consumers who want a ‘go-to’ Kratom blend that they can use whenever life situations call for a natural, plant-based boost. Since our founding in 2016, our Digital Buddha Kratom capsules have quickly become one of the top five Kratom blends we supply. After one serving, you’ll see why!

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9 reviews for Kats Botanicals Digital Buddha Kratom Capsules

  1. Cheryl C.

    Like it if I just need to be on more of an even keel

  2. John H.

    I have been taking Kratom for a few years now, but only recently found Kats, and WOW am I glad that I did ! The Digital Buddha is an amazing combination of chill and relaxation without feeling out of it. The capsules are super convenient, and the quality is second to none ! LOL this would’ve been a video review except I’m out and need to order another batch.

  3. Paula E.

    This has a smooth mild effect on me, enhancing my feeling of well being without making me anxious. Would purchase again.

  4. Paige B.

    It definitely does its job I took the recommended dose but for me it worked to good so next time I will start with a lower one had me on high alert a little bit to much for me

  5. Amy S.

    This product was the first type of Kratom that made me feel its effects almost immediately. For me, Digital Buddha is calming and relaxing without making me tired. Fantastic product.

  6. Shawn M.

    Truly love this blend! Quality is a keyword for me & this instantly satisfied my curiosity, after the first dose! it’s a great mood enhancer for those long mornings! Results – euphoria, boost of energy, focused, along with a calm mindset!

  7. Ashly C.

    This was the first time I’ve ever ordered kratom online. I usually get it in town here at my local smoke shop or convenience store. I’ve been taking kratom for some years now and I’ve been hesitant to drop the money to order it online as I’m particular in the brand and quality and kratom is expensive.

  8. Kat D

    One of my favorite blends to just let the water roll off my back as the saying goes. Capsules make it so much better to tolerate as well. Course I think they stole my name for their company! 😉

  9. KVR Contributor

    After a long absence away from this blend, I was reacquainted with it last night and was immediately kicking myself for waiting so long. IMHO, this is the perfect blend of reds and greens. Not too energetic, not too drowsy, wonderfully blissful. One of my top 3 fav blends ever conjured up. Thanks Kats!

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