Kats Botanicals Full Spectrum 25% Kratom Extract

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From the Vendor: Supercharge your wellness routine with pure, lab-tested Kratom extract in a potent 25% concentration formulation, available in 2-gram or 5-gram sizes.


From the Vendor: Get maximum potency for maximum effects with pure, lab-tested 25% Concentration Kratom Extract from Kats Botanicals. Choose between 2-gram or 5-gram sizes. This extract has up to 25% Mitragynine, which is almost 25 times the amount found in regular Kratom powder. For every gram of extract, 25% of that gram is pure Mitragynine. Use 25% Kratom extract on its own, or mix it with your favorite Kratom powder for an enhanced experience.

Documented use of the Kratom plant dates back over 200 years. Since then, Kratom processing methods have evolved to get the most out of this incredible plant. Extraction is the latest technique used to distill the essence of Kratom into an ultra-potent, ultra-condensed crystalline powder that includes the ‘full spectrum’ of natural, Kratom-derived molecules.

Our 25% Kratom extract is produced using cutting edge extraction methods and premium, 100% organic Kratom powder sourced from Indonesia.

All of our Kratom extract is processed using cGMP-certified facilities and is small-batch tested for impurities like heavy metals and pathogens. And, a Certificate of Authenticity with a link to the lab testing results is provided with every order.

Our Full-Spectrum 25% Kratom Extract is an excellent choice for seasoned Kratom users who want more ‘punch’ from their routine serving. A little goes a very long way!

Use our 25% Concentration Kratom extract to:

Support total well-being
Enhance recovery from strenuous exercise
Power through tough mornings
Get an edge on everyday challenges

We suggest using 25% Kratom extract only if you are already experienced in using Kratom, as this product is especially strong. Follow all listed instructions for use, and do not use more than recommended for a single serving.

3 reviews for Kats Botanicals Full Spectrum 25% Kratom Extract

  1. Thomas B.

    It’s definitely a strong booster for using with my other raw powders. It’s awkward to use by itself, however (understanding it in the same context of potency as I do the raw powders). For the price, I think I would rather just have raw powder. There’s not much in one of these containers, and it’s not cheap.

  2. Jeffrey S.

    There aren’t words to explain the benefit and boost I personally get from the full spectrum extract. It’s almost immediate, it’s changed my entire focus at work and allowed me grind through tough times and stay positive consistently. This is a powder so obviously it’s about as “direct and immediate” as you can imagine in terms of the return, which also means you’ll taste it all. It doesn’t taste terrible, but it’s not like you’re eating candy, which is obviously what you’d expect, so here’s a quick life hack: If you have issues with any taste or taking powder straight, take a sip of something with flavor for the first few times, take the scoop, and it’s a non-issue. Love, love, love the full spectrum extract, can’t say it enough.

  3. Daniel T.

    My tolerance has went up since using this product but over all its amazing. The taste is better than other extracts and I dont have to take near the amount that I have to with others.

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