Kats Botanicals Gold Rush Limited Reserve Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Premium White, Green, and Red Vein Kratom strains come together in a powerful blend with a variety of noticeable benefits.

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From the Vendor: We’ve hit the jackpot! Our Gold Rush Kratom blend is a powerful combination of premium White, Green, and Red Vein Kratom strains produced using a revolutionary new post-harvest processing technique. This specialty blend is not available anywhere else but through Kats Botanicals. Gold Rush is only available for a limited time and is commemorated with Special Edition gilded packaging. Get your 250-gram or 500-gram bag of Gold Rush Kratom powder before the word gets out; it’s only available while supplies last.

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3 reviews for Kats Botanicals Gold Rush Limited Reserve Kratom Powder

  1. Andrea

    I did not think that The Wedge could be topped, but now I have a second must-have favorite!!

  2. Kathleen G.

    I needed something for mid day energy, calm and overall relief. It’s awesome! On tough days I mix with a little chocolate for extra relief. It has been most helpful and kats does a wonderful job with giving us the highest quality. It has a rather pleasant aroma and the taste is not very strong. It’s certainly a mood booster!!

  3. Traci F.

    Gold Rush had a limited run, but I enjoyed it while it was available! Its boost was perfect for the day’s end, when I needed calm focus. The flavor was smoother than some blends – and the quality, as always, was impeccable. I’m looking forward to its return to Kats’s superior kratom selections!

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