Kats Botanicals Green Apple High Potency Kratom Gummies

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From the Vendor: Each bag contains 8 vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO Kratom Extract Gummies. These high potency delicious gummies each contain 50 milligrams of pure Mitragynine power.

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From the Vendor: Get fast, easy benefits packed into each one of our Green Apple Extract Gummies. Perfect for the Kratom lover looking for natural support without having to take capsules or prepare a serving with loose powder. Each bag contains 8 vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO Kratom Extract Gummies. These high potency delicious gummies each contain 50 milligrams of pure Mitragynine power.

Great care goes into the sourcing, production, and storage of these Extract Gummies using AKA/cGMP certified facilities. The unique recipe includes pure Mitragynine and other premium ingredients blended together using specialized, food-grade mixers before being processed into individual molds. The gummies are then cooled before adding a sweet sprinkling of vegan sugar. Our Kratom Extract Gummies are perfected by temporarily storing them in a sealed, air-filtered room and packaging them into UV-proof, air-tight, resealable bags.

Kats Botanicals’ Kratom Extract Gummies offer quick, easy access to powerful Kratom benefits anytime, anywhere. The refreshing Green Apple flavor makes your Kratom experience delightful, while the pure, potent Mitragynine acts fast to provide all-day wellness support. Our formulation contains no added active ingredients and contains a high potency amount of Kratom per gummy (50 milligrams).

21 reviews for Kats Botanicals Green Apple High Potency Kratom Gummies

  1. KMAC

    These tasty gummy’s keep me feeling calm and in a good mood throughout the day. Definitely help with my stress.

  2. Cody J.

    Kat’s botanicals gummies have the best taste out of at least 3 brands I have tried. They are always potent and effective. They’re my favorite. I chose the green apple for the 50mg but I prefer the green tea + citrus and raspberry lime flavors.

  3. Amanda H.

    These gummies are awesome! They actually taste pretty pleasant and deliver a good punch of potency for an energy lift. Good for on the go or when I don’t have time to make up the powder.

  4. Michael P.

    I really enjoy these gummies! It’s perfect as all it takes is one for me. I prefer this flavor, the green apple, and also raspberry lime is a good flavor. I did not enjoy the Island Punch flavor as that one tasted like straight up medicine. My only downside to these is that they leave a long-lasting lingering taste in my mouth. I’ve had other kratom gummies that don’t have that strong of an aftertaste effect, but I think this simply has to do with the potency of these particular 50mg ones, which is nice and strong so maybe that’s the reason. Ordering was simple and delivery only took a week. I will keep coming back to these gummies at Kat’s, that’s for sure

  5. Matt H.

    These gummies taste great. I was a little concerned because I don’t usually love green apple, but the flavor is very nice. I think gummies are the easiest and most convenient form, over powder or caps. The zip top package Kris them soft, and they fit nicely in a pocket. When I ordered them I also purchased some other items, and the gummies didn’t arrive with them. I contacted customer service and they sent them immediately. I have always been very pleased with the costumer support from Kats.

  6. Damon M.

    Concentrated gummies are great, the taste is not so great, but once you get used to it,it’s not so bad. Super convenient. This is the best Flavor in my opinion.

  7. Corrie G.

    Pretty tasty and one did the trick! I toss and wash so very nice to have when I’m out and about.

  8. Debee D.

    These gummies have a much smoother integration within the physical body without any nausea. I have gotten so sick from other kratom gummies. These go straight to the mind for a blissfully focused experience.

  9. Olga B.

    Great effects and pleasant tastes in my order, thank you

  10. Chance P.

    These will change your day (for the better) in 10-20 min. Great product and glad I found them.

  11. Aimee R.

    Much stronger than the normal ones. I took half and could definitely feel the effects when sometimes I don’t from a whole of the normal gummies. Good taste too!

  12. Lori C.

    I’ve tried several brands. Not. Too. Good. lol. These are the cleanest taste and most efficient gummies out there. No nasty side effects.

  13. Sam

    The two flavors of the high potency gummies (green Apple and Island punch) are the best tasting flavors so far, plus, they’re strong and work wonders! Quality gummies; good for putting pep in your step yet helps you feel optimistic and at ease. As always, pretty quick shipments and customer service is always top notch!

  14. Sara S.

    I liked these. They taste *pretty good* i am very picky about taste, but these were palatable. They are potent and convenient. Will purchase more for sure.

  15. Denny

    Had to try this new one from Kats and was not disappointed, I have always enjoyed the Gummies but these new ones are fast acting and gave me the feel good for hours. Great work Kats! Can’t wait to try the punch flavor.

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